Mad as Hell

When it comes time to let off steam, some people use exercise to relieve stress and direct their energies into something productive. Others use eating, meditation, and even sex as a release valve. I read Gawker. I read Gawker when I’m in a particularly trollish mode because I normally disagree with their opinions, their style of delivering their opinions, or both.

Today, I read something that I can’t agree more with and hurts a little. Regarding the topic of Death to the Internet Craze, I must scream a reverberating “ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!”

Just a few days ago I was promoting Buzzfeed as a necessary element on the internet, acting as the social media viral filter that busy people need to stay on top of what’s hot and humorous on the web. Today, I have to criticize their attempt at creating an internet craze. Please. Stop.

We do not need planking. We do not need owling. We do not need horsemaning. What we need is for people to spend less time using the internet to do dumb $^%& and more time solving problems. That the planking Facebook page has 4.5X more people on it than the March of Dimes page is ludicrous.

For the first time in history, we have a venue where communication can be instant, where exposure and actions can be highlighted, and where people can connect to improve their own worlds’ as well as the lives of others. We have a place through which problems can be solved.

It happens. The good on the internet is clear and well documented. It’s not enough. I will continue to follow internet crazes because I have to. It’s part of my job to know what’s happening on the internet at all times. I will always attempt to push the conversations in more productive directions, but I just wish there were more doing so.

I’m mad. I’m ranting. I have to take it.

For now.


Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.