4 thoughts on “If CISPA Passes Congress, the Election will be Determined by the President’s Signature”

  1. Alex says:

    With all due respect to the author of this piece, I disagree with the idea that a veto of CISPA could win Obama the election. He still signed the NDAA 2012. That alone should be enough to lose him the election.

  2. Fred Hubner says:

    It’s all about “Counter-Terrorism” … whether we like it or not … signing the NDAA 2012 was like sending a signal to the nation …

    ‘We will engage in counter-terrorism tactics … instead of deploying our entire armed forces to do it” …

    I’m sure that’s how Conservatives with more than three brain cells have understood it …

  3. Fred Hubner says:

    Apart from this, I figure the headline in this article deliberately misguiding … almost as blaming CISPA on POTUS … since, in case it’s “approved”, he’ll be the first ‘beneficiary’ of it … and it will all depend on his signature … POTUS’ opposition to CISPA should’ve been highlighted at the very headline … as it is, it simply doesn’t fit the very facts exposed by it …

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