Grumpy Cat Mashable

It isn’t just the fact that I detest waiting in lines and the one that led to the infamous Grumpy Cat was long. It’s the sheer fact that there is absolutely no reason why an animal should have been at SXSW in the first place. Shame on Mashable for allowing (encouraging?) this sort of PR display using an animal. Hurray to PETA for…

Oh no. I won’t go that far. While I’ve never been a fan of the tactics that PETA has used and in this case I believe that they are correct to be trying to “free Grumpy Cat” from the clutches of social media exploitation, I won’t go so far as to compliment them.

I will, however, express extreme disappointment in the fact that dozens, even hundreds of people were allowed to handle the cat. Anyone who has ever owned a cat (I’ve owned a few even though I’m allergic to them) knows that cats in general like to be petted, rubbed, and engaged with in most manners but being picked up and held is not one of their favorite activities. Shame on the owners for allowing this. Shame on Mashable for participating. Shame on the people waiting in line to torture the cat with their filthy paws. Get a life, people. Buy a Grumpy Cat t-shirt or something. Don’t wait in line to get the thrill of putting a picture of Grumpy Cat and yourself on your Facebook wall.

It truly tainted the whole SXSW experience for me, even more than getting kicked out of the Al Gore speech, but that’s a different story altogether. Signing off from Austin. Unfortunately, I won’t be telling any more of the stories I had planned. They don’t deserve any more attention.

Update – Actually, I still don’t agree with PETA. They apparently looked at the logistics and gave it their approval at two hours a day. What a joke.

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Written by JD Rucker
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