You don’t have to look far to find marketers talking about the importance of quality content. It’s everywhere, and for good reason. Your readers and customers are all craving quality content.

They may not be landing on your site with credit card in hand. Instead, they may want to know a little bit about your industry before making the decision to buy. That opens the door for you to establish trust.


Five Suggestions For Killer Blogs, No Matter Your Writing Level:

  • Answer pressing questions—The name of the game is information. Your readers may not necessarily be searching for “restaurants, Chicago.” They may be searching for things like “Healthy eating options, Chicago.” If you have a blog post that ranks for that search, you win.
  • Spend more time on shorter writing—Your headlines and social media posts are some of the most important parts to blogging. Mark Twain had a quote about how he’d write shorter if he had more time. The same applies here. These are the gateway entries into your blog. They’re what your reader will use to determine if they’ll press on. The more interesting your posts, tweets and headlines, the more readers you’ll attract.
  • Utilize your resources—If you’re new to the whole writing thing, make sure you brush up on your skills. The AP Stylebook is great for resolving stylistic questions. The Elements of Style is also an excellent writing resource. Utilize spell check and watch for the correct usage on there, too and yours especially. Don’t be too shy to ask a trusted friend to look over your blog before you publish.
  • Write with passion—We know you find your industry interesting. The secret to blogging is being able to convey your passion. Don’t fall into the trap of just being a stuffed shirt rewriting the same old information from other industry sites. Tell us what you think. Write with strong verbs. Inject your personality into your writing. Your website is an online reflection of you and your business. Your personality should be reflected there.
  • Keep it clean—I’m not really talking about language here, I’m talking about the organization of your posts. The web is increasingly filled with A.D.D. afflicted visual learners. If you have subheads and lists you’re making life a little easier for those who scan.
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Written by Matt Brennan
Matt Brennan offers corporate writing services to businesses and organizations. He’s been telling stories for more than 10 years.