Today I learned something new thanks to the Social Media Manager at O’Brien Auto Group, Dane Brooks. He had turned to me for answers on how-to turn off the “Also On” feature that is now displaying on Facebook Pages. This feature is so new, that it had me scratching my head wondering how to respond, so I looked under applications and found nothing to match what was showing on his Facebook Page. Then I suggested turning off “Instant Personalization” to ensure that sites Facebook collaborated with was not automatically showing up on his business’s Facebook Page and that still did not provide a solution.

As Dane and I scrambled to find the answers, and I ready to bunker down and do the research, Dane, finds the solution and informs me of one of the many changes Facebook has made, yet again. As Dane so kindly passed the answer on to me, I will now pay it forward to you.

How-To Turn off “Also On” Feature on Facebook Pages

Note: You must have admin access to change this feature on a page.

1. Click “Edit Page”


2. Click “Basic Information”

3. Uncheck the “Widgets” Box


In just three simple steps, you can remove the “Also On” feature that is automatically set as a default on Facebook. The sites it does show are some whom are partner sites and can be beneficial for your business, such as Yelp.  However, since Facebook does not allow you to select which sites you want showing under the “Also On” feature it might show sites you wish not to share and therefore you may want to turn off this feature depending on your preferences.


I wish to thank Dane Brooks for asking me the question in the first place and ultimately providing the solution. As Dane clearly does, it is imperative to stay up-to-date with what is happening on your business’s Facebook page and to question features you may notice change. Kudos to Dane and O’Brien Auto Group for remaining informed regarding their Facebook Page and for being attentive to notice any changes that occur to their page, just another example of excellent Social Media behavior!


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  1. Hi,

    It isn’t showing up on my page. Does anyone know how to get it ON (there is no Widgets check-box). Thought it might be US only but I have seen UK pages with it enabled.


  2. Thanks Erin for a great article. I have the same issue as Scott. I’m looking to turn this feature on for some FB pages. The Widgets check box is nowhere to be found on my settings pages.

  3. This was the only helpful post I could find about this topic, however, like Scott and Andy both said, I’m wondering how to turn it on. I manage several pages and none of them have the “widget” checkbox. It really just astounds me that Facebook can be so inconsistent with these kinds of settings. How do some pages have it and others do not?

  4. I would LOVE to turn this feature on for all of my clients. Please let me know if you find out how to turn it on. I have no widgets box to check. I’m @FernandezSMS on Twitter.

  5. I noticed last week that this widget appeared on my page with a link to our profile on Yelp. However, I cannot figure any way to edit what connections are available. I would love to connect to Twitter and FourSquare here. See

    If you figure out a fix to this please let me know @BenLRichards on Twitter. Thank you.

  6. Please let me know if anyone find out where i add these ‘also on’ button!

  7. Chris

    I want to switch it on as well!

  8. same here.. i want to turn it ON !

  9. Paulina Taylor

    Me too 🙂 It is extremely irritating that others are able to turn it on because it tarnishes a page’s reputation (and the person managing it) as it looks as though the business (or person) is not updating to the latest technology.

  10. JCK

    I would like to turn it on as well. The only theory I can come up with is our type of Facebook Page does not support the Also On tab. It’s annoying and they need to FIX IT PLEASE.

  11. we had the same issue as everyone else, except we had it for about a month, and then out of nowhere the feature disappeared today. there is no widgit feature seeing as its an artist page, and not a store or anything so we have no way of getting this back at this point to import Vevo, Spotify or anything. BUT…… if we go through edit page, then click the music tab on the side, it pulls up what was showing there before… but doesn’t allow us to add it.
    tweet me if you know how to help! @chotheamazing

  12. Jon

    …good post… I am just another manager of music pages that would like to turn it ON. I have futzed about with this for the past hour. quite frustrating

  13. Merl.

    Exactly the same story as Alex: the feature was there, but disappeared and the music tab shows that Facebook still ‘knows’ the right “also on'”-links.

  14. I’d like to turn this on my page as well, does anyone know if this is possible?

  15. Steve

    Well i reckon that it’s just a simple issue, it’sa feature that we have to pay for, the Artists who have it on the fanpages links straight to their spotify, deezer and rdio main pages, are all Artists signed to decent sized record labels, i’ve contacted spotify and they don’t know either so it must be a facebook thing which has to be paid for.

  16. Hi Scott 🙂

    Sorry for the late response, are you still having issues?

    Socially Yours,
    Erin Ryan

  17. Thanks Andy!

    It should be shown under your “Basic Information” area after clicking “Edit Page”. It should be rolled out to everyone. If it still isn’t I will investigate further.

    Socially Yours,
    Erin Ryan

  18. Hi Benjamin 🙂

    Unfortunately you cannot choose the connections, this is based upon who Facebook has partnered with, it would make life easier if we could customize. Thanks for your great question!

    Socially Yours,
    Erin Ryan

  19. Kate, Alex, Joeri, Hugo, Paulina, JCK, Steve, Matt, Merl and Alex – Thank you for all of your comments. Some pages may not be able to see the widget enabler due to the “type” of page you have categorized the page. If you have your page properly categorized DO NOT change it merely for the widget enabler to show. If not, perhaps looking over the various categories again may be worth your while.

    This is NOT a paid service to have as a part of a page. Facebook just has not been clear on which categories it shows. I hope by now all of you are able to see this feature, if not. Again, it has to do with the categorization of your page and no you cannot personalize the type of widgets to be shown.

    Socially Yours,
    Erin Ryan

  20. I have the same problem as many of the commenters…. plus another, so i’lll explain.

    There was a moment when the “aslo on” column did appear on the left hand side of my facebook music page, only showing spotify. So I wanted to add some more links, went to settings>music only to see that spotify and mog where there yet I was not able to add any more, because i wasn’t authorized. After much fiddling and searching, I found out that facebook wants you to make the page a Musician/Band page in order to add more links.
    Well mine has been a musician page from the start and yet no matter what i try i can not add any other links, like or deezer or any other site we are on.

    Anyways, now the column/box has completely disappeared from my band’s profile, its just not there!!! But when I go to settings>music> both mog and spotify are still there, it still tells me I can NOT add any more catalogs, and it still asks me if I want to remove the column…. But it is not there, so how can i remove it?

    Facebook seems to be useless, and there is absolutely no information out anywhere about any of this, except here.
    If anyone has any info on this at all please please let us know!!!

    Thank you all!

  21. Joeri

    Hi, Joeri,

    Here are a few links that should hopefully get you started:

    For further help, you can ask your question in the community help forum at (click the ‘new question’ button at the top).

    Best wishes,
    The Facebook Studio Team

  22. Hi,
    I have been having the exact same trouble, and after reading through this thread have come against an even bigger problem!
    I run a Musicain/Band page and have wanted to turn the ALSO ON feature ‘on’ for ages, and like everyone else, have seen it on other Musican/Band pages.
    What I hadnt realised, however, was that even though I categorised my page as a Musician/Band, Facebook recognises it as a COMMUNITY PAGE about another band with the same name as us! And there is no way I can change it. So that would explain why Facebook doesnt allow the ALSO ON feature on my page, because it thinks I am running a fan page for another band.

    This is a bad situation for us to be in because we can’t take advantage of the benefits of our own facebook page. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    here is our page:


  23. Merl

    1. Erin, thanks for getting back at us.
    2 It’s looking like Facebook is aware of the problem (or at least part of it). Our Music Tab now shows, apart from the Rdio, MOG and Spotify catalogs, the following message: “This page is not approved to add catalogs. If you feel this is incorrect, please click here”.

    It would seem logical that ‘please click here’ would remedy the problem of not being able to add catalogs and maybe the problem of the catalogs not showing up on the ‘also on’ category on the wall as well . Unfortunately logic is only logic… at least for us ‘click here’ didn’t remedy anything.

  24. rafa

    we still waiting for the help ,, i dont have ((also on )) on my page

  25. Sarah P

    I looked at the links provided and the “also on” info in the FB Help Center only refers to this being available to musicians which I know is not true.
    Wondering how to get the Also On added to local businesses’ FB pages?

    I’ve seen examples of local businesses with Also on Yelp, Gowalla, etc.

    Last Bookstore:

    Anyone have info about how this can be added for local businesses?

  26. I am trying to connect my Artist Page and keep getting error “Oops something isn’t working”. I noticed that on the Artist page settings under Music, I am seeing the “This page is not approved to add catalogs. If you feel this is incorrect, please click here”. Is this the issue? If so, how do I get this changed. I am the Artist.

    I need to get this fixed please help.

  27. Didn’t work for us at 🙁 Still trying other solution.

  28. For bands and musicians, here is your answer:
    For the rest of us, the suggestion is to change your category:
    However, that doesn’t make any sense if your business is already in the correct category. It seems that Facebook is in one of those “transitional” stages and the answers will soon be revealed as those features get fully developed. The Facebook FAQ seems to be the best place to find any answers relating to this issue.

  29. Frohlich

    How can turn it on? i’ve got NO widget – box …..

  30. scott

    How do I add or edit a music catalogue for my band’s Facebook Page?
    Only some music Pages with more than 5000 likes are eligible to request the addition of a music catalogue and Listen button. These features allow people to listen to your music with a single click from your Page. You must be an official representative of the artist and have an existing music catalogue on a supported service, such as Spotify or Rdio.

    From your Page:
    Open the admin panel.
    Click Help.
    Select Get More Features. This option will only be available for some Pages.
    Confirm that you’re the official representativde of your Page.
    Click Submit.
    Someone at Facebook will review your request. Once approved, you can edit the music catalogues on your Page:
    From the top of your Page, click Edit Page
    Select Update Info
    Click Music in the left sidebar
    From here, you can add or remove links to your music catalogues on supported music services.

  31. Mary

    April 2013…..and nothing has changed!! I came here to find a solution but facebook didn’t fix it.

  32. A random person

    The “Also On” feature on my facebook business page is linking to my previous business location on Yelp instead of our current Yelp listing… Any ideas on how to change that?

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  34. Achilleas

    No solution at all? i am trying to put on my page the also on feature for foursquare… but its hopeless.
    i cant find a proper option in the edit menu.. anyone has shorted it out?

  35. Molly

    I am having the opposite problem! I cannot turn it off using the steps you have explained here- our link to other businesses that are not us- the reviews on our FB page are also not ours- they are for a local hotel and we are an Optometrist office. It also links to the Hotels Yelp page- and trip advisor.
    Can anyone help us please?