The office can be full of distractions that affect your tasks, whether that is Facebook or the gabby co-worker. Whatever gets in your way, there are ways to overcome them; here are several helpful ways to stay on task each day:

Make a daily schedule: Every morning you arrive to the office, make a schedule. View your emails and calendars to figure out how to make your schedule for the day. Review your tasks and prioritize your list by earliest deadline to the latest deadline. Overestimate tasks by 10-15 minutes because it is better to finish early than to rush and try to finish because you realize you didn’t allow yourself enough to complete the task.

Allow for breaks: When you make your daily schedule be sure to allow yourself to take breaks. Whether you feel like grabbing coffee downstairs or making a phone call to a friend, give yourself that mini break every 3 hours. It is best to break up to your day to ease the stress and allow for distractions to take place. These breaks should be 10-15 minutes long.

Stay Focused: Your goal is to stick to your daily schedule you have created. When each task is completed physically check it off. Stays focused on that sheet of paper and keep your nose to the grind. Remember to be aware of your goals and just breathe. Staying focused will help you knock out your list faster than you think.

Avoid Distractions: Log off. Shut the door. Turn off the phone. Do whatever you know you need to do, to avoid distractions. Don’t be afraid to place a sign on your door that says, ‘Do not Disturb’ or to send an email to your co-workers saying that you are on deadline if they need you to wait until a certain time in the day. Phone calls, office gossip and checking your Facebook can be worked into your break time, not your work time.

Get organized, allow for breaks, stay focused and avoid any unnecessary distractions by preparing for them. You will be able to stay on task and knock out your to do list fast. Being productive at work will ease the stress at home, so stay on task!

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