Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a social website where users share their interests with other members on a virtual bulletin board. Rules for the site state it is not to be used for commercial purposes or to benefit a third party. Thus, as a tool for advertising, one must be resourceful to be ethically correct and not violate the policy. Here are five ways an imaginative businessperson can get the word out without being in hot water with the “Pinterest Police:”

1. Link Your Business’ Website or Blog If you have a website or blog on the internet, adding a hyperlink to direct your customers to Pinterest is easy. Pinterest supports this action in that they provide you with the instructions on their Goodies page. A Pinterest logo will be placed on your page, and all your patrons have to do is tag items. They will be sent directly to Pinterest to post them on their board.

2. Shared Hosting Reviews Have a friend or relative pin your product for you, and you do the same for them. Since many have never heard of it, getting your friends and relatives to join Pinterest is amazingly easy, particularly when you offer to review their product in return. It’s a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” proposition!

3. Add Pinterest to Your Facebook Business Page Timeline Directions are under the Edit Profile section in Pinterest, and will add your pins to your Facebook Timeline. Then on your Facebook page, write text to induce your Facebook “friends” to pin your products on their Pinterest boards.

4. Create a How-To Video and Pin It on Your Board You are providing a service by demonstrating how to do or make something, and are therefore not directly in violation of the policy. The original source link is shown, thereby providing your business with the appropriate credit/advertising. Furthermore, if you have a website, the video will likely take you back to the site as it is being viewed thereby providing the viewer with the opportunity to purchase more products or obtain more information.

5. Hold a Contest for the Person with the Most Pins For Your Company This is similar to the “Like” me on Facebook idea where you are eligible to win if you “Like” a company on Facebook. Here you hold a contest for the person with the most pins for your business. If you are already “advertising” your involvement with Pinterest on your website, blog and/or Facebook this is a natural progression. It gets the Pinners competing against one another, gets your business name spread across the web and costs next to nothing, (other than the prize).

Sometimes the best advertising can be from word of mouth. Much of what was just written above is simply just that. The balance just takes a little time, but the best part of all five ideas is that each one is more or less free. And who doesn’t like free advertising?

Written by Guest Post