How-To Make Google+ Count towards Your Klout Score

How-To Make Google+ Count towards Your Klout Score

Google+ is a site that you can connect to on the social influencing tool, Klout, however if you want the activities you make on Google+ to actually count towards your overall Klout score you need to go beyond your circles and extended circles.


If you have not set up your Google+ account to share publicly your actions on G+ are not actually contributing to your Klout score. Many may not know this, or perhaps you thought since your account was connected that it automatically counted like other connected sites are to Klout, however there is a stipulation with Google+ and therefore you need to share to the public for it to make any difference to your Klout score.

This means that you need to add your public circle every time you share content or you of course can choose, but if you have yet to do this your Google+ connect account has not added any value to your Klout nor will it until you allow some or all of your shared content to be shared to the world wide web.


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  1. I appreciate you covering this! I am brand new to Klout, and I automatically assumed that because my Google+ account was linked it automatically just picked up my score. ‘m just figuring out Google+ and how it can be even be used, and how it is linked to your Klout Score! Thank you so much!