Wake Up

Mothers on the go know the feeling: trying to look good while you are dressing the kids is a challenge. Television shows make it look like a breeze, but it’s impossible to blow-dry your hair with two children hanging off your arms, and even more difficult to put on lipstick trying to pack a healthy lunch.

There is a solution. Consider preparing yourself before you wake up, so your morning routine becomes a breeze. You’ll be thankful for the added time for getting the kids out of bed, and it’ll make your morning less of an obstacle course and a bit more peaceful — the way it should be. Here’s how.

1. Set out your clothes the night before

Choosing what you want to wear and laying it on the top of your dresser or placing it on a hanger in the front of the the closet will save you time in the morning when the clock is ticking. And if your partner sleeps later than you, it means no more rooting around in the dark for something.

2. Take your shower at night

While some ladies can’t accomplish this without having a giant frizzball for hair the next morning, try doing some of your hairstyling at night, if you can. Ladies with short hair, straight locks, or some manageable waves might find it easier to shower and blow dry at night, then just brush your hair out and get on with your day.

3. Establish a makeup routine and stick to it

Setting out the make-up you use on a daily basis, and having it ready in the bathroom or at your vanity for the morning, will make your life much easier. Most women find that if they wear the right makeup, they don’t need more than a little foundation, some mascara, and perhaps a lip color. Or find some great skin care, and skip the makeup all together!

Your morning, made easy

Moms, it isn’t as hard as you think to have a stress-free morning. If you really want to simplify, throw the kids’ lunches together after dinner and dishes, so they can just grab and go in the morning.

Typically, though, if you make some cuts and organize your own morning routine, you’ll have plenty of time to get the kids ready in the morning … and it won’t be while you’re trying to find a matching sock and slap on some eyeliner.

For the finishing touch, don’t forget to add some accessories to that outfit and hairdo you’ve prepared the night before. Throw in a pretty purse (all pre-packed and ready for mobilization, of course), and a hair clip or two, and you’ll look put-together without wasting a few crazy hours before work.

Written by Drew Hendricks