How to Keep Kids Safe on Social Media

Kid Social Media

Despite age restrictions on most social media sites, children below the TOS age are finding ways to get on social media sites such as Facebook. The age restrictions are normally under the adult age, so even “legal” use of social media puts young people on them.

Wherever the kids are, bad people will try to find them.

This graphic by our friends at ZoneAlarm offers tips and advice for parents who allow their children to use social media but who want to make sure that they stay safe. With so many people out there wanting to exploit children, taking the proper steps is extremely important.

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Infographic Child Safety Social Media

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  1. Great graphic. My teenage kids tell me things nearly every week of something someone in school did. It makes my eyes cringe. I’m glad my kids are straight A students and are smart enough to know that if it is to good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

  2. Great graphic! It’s amazing how people think their actions online somehow don’t count in real life.

  3. take into account the addiction of being on FB for long periods of time. Kids using social sites at an early age develop these addictions early and are glued to there computer screens. Its ridiculous, even with add-on’s like Stumble Upon kids are developing insomnia because there staying up long hours into the night surfing the web.

  4. Angela

    This is a great way to gain awareness for children involved in social media. Kids should be allowed to have fun and socialize with other children online as long as they’re protected. It’s sad to say 82% of parents do not trust their children when using social media but I believe the best way to keep them protected is to have a talk or have them watch an episode of To Catch a Predator as an eye opener!

  5. Becky

    Really good article. In my Communication and Technology class, we discuss social networking and the rise of children using it. Before you know it, children will be expected to have an Ipad, if they do not already. So many young children have Ipod touches and have access to the internet and games whenever they want to. It is a scary thing how connected little children are to the world. I wonder, Is it too early for them? Can they handle it? Keeping them safe is a huge issue, among others, while allowing them to use new technology.
    I did not even think about how social media is not only a distraction and something for children to play with, but it can be unsafe as well. Shows like to catch a Predator as Angela stated above, is a good way to help them see the realities of our world. (As long as they are of an appropriate age to watch it) Unfortunately, not everything is as perfect as they see it through their innocent eyes. It is so important with the rise of technology that we keep an eye on children and realize how media can target and exploit them.

  6. Great article for moms and dads out there who wants to protect their children from the harmful side of social media. Kids really need parental guidance and it’s our responsibility to watch over them. Social media can be a form of learning for the kids but everything that is used too much can be harmful in some ways.

  7. Joshua Blount

    Very interesting read. I would have never known the actual statistics. Thanks for sharing about the social media views pertaining to children.