How to Increase Engagement of Facebook Pages Using Timeline

Facebook Timeline JD

Facebook has now upgraded all pages to the Timeline design. The Timeline is a powerful tool for showcasing your brand. For example you can add a Timeline cover that will really reflect the identity of your brand.

However the new Timeline is not optimized for creating user engagement. For example by default new posts or comments will be hidden and old posts from your fans are quickly hidden in the depth of your page. Timeline is mostly a way for your brand to express itself, rather than allowing your fans to express themselves about your brand. This is what some page admins are looking for, however, the majority of Page admins on Facebook are trying to create engagement.

This is the reason why it’s important to install a discussion board to your page if you want your fan to be able to interact, engage with your page.

The free application Forum for Pages that we had presented back in October 2011 has now been optimized to work with the Timeline.

You can add it to your page by going to

It also offers new features such as:

  • Add tags to topics
  • Search feature
  • Text formatting
  • Include images and videos in posts
  • Notifications when a topic is updated
  • Admins can ban abusive users from the forum
  • Automatically repost new topics to the Timeline for better virality
  • Admins can blacklist keywords
  • Migrate forum to another page
  • Liking a post
  • Full integration with Google Analytics
  • RSS feed
  • Personalization of the forum using a custom banner
  • Free of any advertising
  • Available in 12 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish & Turkish

Timeline is a great design improvement from the old Facebook pages. However, with Facebook’s impending IPO, the need for advertising revenue is greater than ever for the social network. As a result, Facebook wants to make sure that the most engaging pages are paying for advertising. With more than 30,000 pages using it throughout Facebook, including big brands such as Sony Ericsson, Forum for Pages provides a free alternative that makes your page a perfect place for your fans to engage.

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  1. Jing Xu

    Personally I don’t like timeline that much. I think it makes content abundant and messy. It is hard for people to broze information on its page. Especially the timeline page for organizations, they look terrible. Not everyone want to know the history of brand, people need content clearer to watch and read. I do agree create a discussion board that makes information more in consistent.

  2. There is a change in Facebook’s profile images, which now measure 166 x 160 pixels. While this makes the image more prominent, it also takes up more of a user’s Timeline Cover, which will impact those that have uploaded a custom Cover that incorporates the profile image into it.