One of the best ways of connecting with people and building a brand is via social media. The reason that many people do not effectively connect is because they cannot be easily found or recognized on social media.

The following tips will help you become more accessible on social media:


1. Prominent Display of your main social Profile Links on your site

This may seem obvious, but a number of people do not have their social media links on their sites. Social media links on your site helps you build a strong social presence not only for yourself, but your brand also. There are several ways of doing this. For example, having icons appearing at the end of each post, or displaying them at the side bar of each page.


2. Incorporating social network links in email signatures

You can share your social network links on the email signature. Some of the people you email may not be aware of your online presence. You can use simple text links or free add-ons to generate an email signature with widgets that are linked to your social profiles.


3. Interlinking your email addresses

Most people just use one email address when communicating with clients, readers, and even when commenting on blog posts. The same email address should be used in all your social media profiles. There are some social networks which allow you to open an account with more than one email address, like LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook. If you use more than one email address, interlink them in all your social profiles.


4. Be Recognizable physically

Various Social Networks require you to upload an image when opening profiles. It is advisable to use the same photo in all your social networks, to make you easily recognizable. When someone gets an invitation to connect, they are aware of who is sending it and are more likely to accept it.


5. Name branding

You should use your real name when opening accounts with social media networks, so that people can easily link with your site. You should use the same name in the “About us” page and at the end of all your posts too. When you brand your real name, people are able to recognize you more easily across all social networks. This becomes very important especially if you are using different usernames in your social profiles. About me personal profile is also key.

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