I know I should be flossing daily. The dentist is counting on me to follow this seemingly simple direction. Yet, I don’t do it. (Don’t tell!) Habits are hard to start and even harder to keep. Remember all those New Year’s resolutions? Sigh…. Instead of beating myself up though, I acknowledged a habit I already have that I can use to my advantage – surfing the internet. I can harness the power of my social media networks to help me achieve my goals.

Not only can we connect to friends, family, and customers, we can develop new habits. Whether you want to exercise, be more productive, or floss every day like me, the power of social media is at your fingertips. I discovered Lift, a web application to make your life better that is backed by Twitter co-founders, Evan Williams and Biz Stone. It’s quickly become the go-to habit forming app.

Successful habit forming requires that you set a goal, track your progress, and engage community support. The desire to get rid of a bad habit and replace it with a good habit may be strong, but frequently performing the new habit, accountability, and positive reinforcement are keys to making the change stick. The “Lift” app was designed to apply these strategies and decades of psychology research and make it simple to achieve any goal.

This web app is super easy to use. It makes it a breeze to track my progress, and get the support of friends. To get started, I selected three good habits I want in my life: floss, exercise, and meditate. Flossing is the number five desired habit on Lift’s most popular habits list. (So, I’m not the only one!) You can also choose to add your own habit if you don’t see anything you want to do.

Next, I began tracking my progress. I simply open the app and tap the checkbox whenever I perform the habit. No problem! Over time you get a personalized report about your progress. The best part is I’m not alone. Once I shared my habit and synced it with my Twitter, I became part of a Lift community. I can see how well others are doing and give them encouraging shout outs. I also benefit from their support.

Lift is a great life hacking app. I am three days and counting on my new flossing habit. I am infinite possibility! What new habit would you like to have? Download Lift for free in iTunes for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to get your new habit started today. Your dentist will be thrilled.

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