Traveling can be fun, but it tends to be more about the destination rather than the actual traveling, due to the chaos that ensues once arriving at the airport. Long line-ups, delays, and baggage issues can make going on a trip harder than it needs to be, but keeping focused on the actual arrival is what motivates most of us to tolerate this madness year after year.

Most people love going on vacation at least once a year, which means, flights, hotel, and car rentals have to be planned for and purchased. Whether planning for a warm weather, unique experience, like one to be had at the Queen Mary Hotel in California or more of a cold and sporty trip like with the various hotels in Alaska, there are many ways people can plan for vacation.

Here’s a look at how people are traveling in 2013.

Who is Traveling in 2013

(Infographic via: Tingo)

Written by Victoria Reynolds
Victoria Reynolds is an avid writer, who enjoys learning about electronics and technological advancements that make life easier.