How Much Los Angeles Has Changed Since 1874 [Photo]

Los AngelesLos Angeles has changed a lot over the years (to put it mildly). The photograph below shows just how much it has changed in 138 years, basically since 1874. Not only has it become more technologically advanced, but it has become even more active over time.

This photograph shows Los Angeles at a simpler time.

Los Angeles 1874
From: Los Angeles Honda Via: KPA SEO

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  1. George

    What the hell kind of article is this? Terrible!

  2. david

    >Having or showing keen interest or enthusiasm: “an avid reader of science fiction”.
    >Having an eager desire for something: “avid for information about the murder”.

    >53 word article.

  3. Zungo

    Dude is like totally rocking it man, i mean like wow.

  4. Trollolo

    What a shyte article. Was this written by a bot?

  5. tim cook

    ‘even more active over time’ that has got to be to ultimate understatement. Seriously my two year old daughter could have been more insightful

  6. Great transformation! I love the photos! 🙂

  7. That’s why I got the hell out of there. Missing in that Freeway photo is Smog!

  8. How does it compare to other US cities? Would be interesting to see if it grew bigger compared to others, now it’s just two cool pictures 😉