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We have all taken a flight across country, over international lines, or from one state to another and I’m sure there are lists of things we could number off that have made us disgruntled or pleased, either while waiting at the airport or in the sky. Personally, I have flown for many years and by default it has been with South West Airlines, but my recent experience with JetBlue has changed the way I will be flying in the future.

I recently took a flight out of Long Beach, California to Las Vegas for the 2013 NMX, also known as Blog World New Media, that was held there, and JetBlue made my flying experience a joyful and less stressful one. This was unfamiliar to me, since I was used to dreading the entire flying experience with the previous airline I had flown with, but at JetBlue, everyone was happy over there. The customer service was remarkable, flight attendants were helpful and pleasant, and for only $15 more I was able to get an extra comfortable seat with longer leg room.

Once I returned home, I wanted to tell JetBlue just how great my experience with them was, which was easy enough for me to do because of their strong presence on Twitter. Being a guy in social media, this was another huge plus for me.

Here’s how the conversation went:


As I tweeted with JetBlue, I immediately felt at ease with our fun and playful conversation. One of their tweets in particular really stood out and impressed me,

Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… We think you look great in BLUE. Hope to see you again soon! #YouAboveAll ” – JetBlue.

I was truly pleased by how JetBlue made me feel and this conversation rounded out the entire experience for me. I was treated as if I was their only customer and that I mattered to them, which is what I consider to be excellent customer service.


Literally, from the minute I got my ticket to the last tweet that was sent out by JetBlue, my experience with them was an all-around great one and is why JetBlue has turned me into a loyal customer.

[Top Photo via: JetBlue]

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  1. In an age where many brands fail at good customer service, it’s nice to see that some are doing it right. Whoever is behind the Twitter account at JetBlue deserves kudos for getting it right. The hope is that they will remain consistent in their outreach via social media tools, in good times and in bad. There’s nothing worse than building great relationships when all is going fine, and then screwing up big-time with a lack of communication when there’s a crisis, or if a customer has a problem. Thank you for sharing your story Louie. It’s a great example of a good brand personality via Twitter.

  2. I’m new to the whole social media blogging scene, so don’t be offended that I just stumbled upon this and really have no idea as to your reputation in this community. I’m not sure if this was a coincidence with JetBlue responding so politely to you, or if you are actually that influential that they knew it may end up here later… Either way I have to say I’m impressed they took the conversation as far as they did, really showing how connected they are with their customers. I have also had nothing but good experiences flying JetBlue, but I’m wondering what this whole “Fix the Debt” lobbying group they’ve just joined is all about… Not sure I trust all those CEO’s getting together.