How I Came to My Senses About Marco Rubio and Why I Still Support Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio Endorsements

They almost had me. As a conservative, I do whatever I can to keep away from the hooks of the Republican Establishment and their incessant drumbeat of rhetoric (often heard on Fox News or seen on the Wall Street Journal) that claims Marco Rubio is the best alternative to Donald Trump.

I almost bought into it. With strong endorsements rolling in, I started to think that he might actually be the best bet. Thankfully, common sense and history kicked in and gave me the clarity I needed to see the truth. “They” are trying to destroy Ted Cruz because “they” fear him more than anyone else.

There are several different entities that are encompassed by the word “they” in this case. All of them have the same goal but different motives:

  • Donald Trump fears Ted Cruz because he’s the only one who seems mostly unshaken by Trump’s use of Saul Alinsky’s Rule #5. He’s not immune as was seen in his loss in South Carolina, but he’s resistant. Also, Cruz is the only other candidate that can win some of the “SEC Primary” states on March 1.
  • The Republican Establishment fears Ted Cruz because, as Rush Limbaugh put it, he’s the “closest to Ronald Reagan” that we’ve seen in our lifetime. What many seem to have forgotten is that the Republican Establishment hated Reagan and his unabashedly conservative ideas. A Cruz Presidency represents a greater threat to their power than a Democratic President and is much more threatening than a Trump nomination.
  • The Democrats fear Ted Cruz because he can beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders while Trump cannot. They’re attacking Cruz much more than the GOP frontrunner because they want Trump to win the nomination. Cruz… not so much.
  • Marco Rubio fears Ted Cruz because he’s the guy that can prevent Rubio from getting his brokered convention. Trump can’t stop it. Cruz could. Since Rubio has no mathematical path to the nomination, his best hope is a brokered convention which, of course, would splinter and potentially destroy the Republican Party. It’s a risk he’s willing to take.
  • Mainstream Media fears Ted Cruz because he can beat their Democratic sweethearts and because he would turn off the Trump coverage moneytrain they’ve been riding for months.

By barely beating Cruz for second place in South Carolina despite having endorsements from the state’s three most powerful members of the Republican Establishment, Rubio’s handlers have been able to start the spin campaign to paint him as the best chance against Trump. This is a powerful argument because many of us are so fearful of a Trump nomination that we’d vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger if we thought he could take Trump down. It’s compelling and an easy sales pitch… except for the fact that it isn’t true.

Rubio has the power to take down Cruz, but against Trump he simply doesn’t have the right mixture of traits and talents to keep Trump from getting enough delegates to win the nomination outright. Here’s what he would need:

  • Conservative Bona Fides: If Rubio is pushed past Cruz, Trump will start yelling “Gang of Eight! Gang of Eight!” He’ll paint Rubio as an Obama liberal and Rubio will not be able to counter with misdirection the way he’s countered Cruz.
  • Money: While we can assume that Jeb Bush dropping out will mean a lot more money for Rubio, he’s still far behind Cruz and Trump in the money game. That’s a problem that may be resolved, but until it is we have to assume that he’s still being forced to run lean.
  • Wins in the South: He won’t win Nevada. He won’t win the majority of the March 1 “SEC Primary” states. He could go through the first 15 primaries and caucuses without a single victory. That’s not a challenger for Trump. That’s a bloodbath if he’s the last alternative standing.

Cruz, on the other hand, has all of the components he needs to beat Donald Trump.

The narrative that the media is attempting to paint is very tricky. Be discerning. Use logic. Look at the facts. Make your decision. If you don’t support Trump, the only candidate that can beat him is Cruz.

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  1. LaVada

    Somebody better get this thing turned around and do it soon. . With Trump and Rubio ganging up on Ted Cruz he is taking a beating. Ted is the best man out there to be our President. Trump is running rapped with his lies and more lies about Ted. Someone need to call Mr. Trump to the wood shed and teach him some manners.. . He is a time bomb just waiting to go off.. If he becomes our President we are domed the America we know will be gone for ever.

  2. Victor L.

    Cruz is the last, best hope for America. If he’s pushed out by the people listening to MSM trying to anoint Rubio, all will be lost to Trump/Clinton.

  3. Sal McCloskey

    All of the focus seems to be on Rubio but Ben Carson needs to do the right thing as well. I know he thinks he got robbed in Iowa but give me a break. Anybody who was going to vote for Carson but who got manipulated to vote for Cruz instead would have come out by now. Nobody did, which tells us that it had zero effect on the outcome. If Carson is smart (which he is) and not selfish (which we’ll find out soon) he’ll drop out before the March 1 primaries. If he’s still in the race at that point, then all of the conspiracy theories about how he’s staying in the race to build up his donor list to take with him and make a fortune after the election – they’re probably not theories. They’re probably real.

  4. Tilly

    Cruz can stop the Turnip and Rubio can’t. It’s very obvious.

  5. bilbo's revenge

    If Ted wants to win, he needs to get back to basics. He’s been on his heels for so long.

    The real Ted is the guy who sticks to the issues and rises above the fray.

    The real Ted is the smartest man in the room, not the guy who plays to Trump’s and Rubio’s childishness.

    Wake up, Ted, and lead us.