Editor’s Note: Hybrid Mom is now Hybrid Her.

As in the previous post regarding Hybrid Mom and their success in Social Media and we decided to dissect it to show you how you can dominate your social media market as well.

Businesses often wonder how not to get lost in the “social media shuffle”, instead seeking to find like-minded people to interact with, especially ones who sincerely want to engage. Many are in search for examples, seeking a business that can lead them to understand what they can improve upon when using Facebook and Twitter.

These two sites can be useful to your company and an amazing example of how to use Social Media correctly is our Spotlight Social Media Superstar, Hybrid Mom.

Hybrid Mom is a website that shares information on a variety of topics such as women, work, parenting, and life. Their site also includes an online store known as the Hybrid Mom Bazaar, where you can purchase family friendly items.

Sounds like many other sites, right — perhaps even your own? So why is it hard for you to get Social Media to work for you?

Making Social Media Shine

Everything regarding Social Media should begin from your website; many businesses forget this step, a step that is essential to why you are choosing to use Social Media. You need to analyze the look and feel of your website prior to using Social Media, therefore you can have a better understanding of how you want to be perceived via Social Media and since businesses do want people to go to their website, you need to have a continuous look and feel everywhere your business is online.

Why is Hybrid Mom a Social Media Superstar?

Hybrid Mom’s website has a friendly appeal, the look is welcoming and the colors chosen “fit” the type of niche audience they are targeting. They have put forth their articles to share knowledge with the people who visit their site and make for great content for their Social Media sites. Hence, highlighting that they care about their appearance, which is always a great start to any first impressions.

When you visit their Twitter page, you are able to see a variety of interactions, the majority of it being questions asked to their targeted audience. They do not flood their feed with their articles or merchandise, instead adding them every once and awhile but not as their focus.

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You can see this similar trend on their Facebook page as they continue to ask questions to their audience and having their priority about the people. In return, people actually want to interact with the business creating a win win situation.

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Hybrid Mom is a leader in how to prioritize people over pushing content, (yes, every business wants a return on investment and yes, working is about making money), but the fundamentals of a business should always be about the people, because people make the business.

Humans have always been known to complicate situations, in Social Media, it does not have to be and with leaders such as Hybrid Mom, it is as simple as understanding your audience, caring about your persona and following through on how you want to be perceived across the web. Once people see efforts of making a connection with them, they reach back and that is the end goal to any good outcome.

Look at Hybrid Mom’s website and check out their Twitter and Facebook Pages to see how they have turned Social Media into an asset that has them having numerous people retweet, “like” and comment.


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Written by Erin Ryan
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