How Facebook Chat is a Good Indicator of When to Post

Everyone is always looking for the best time to post on Facebook and there are many in-depth articles and infographics that will tell you when you should post and how you can capitalize on engagement when posting for your Facebook profile or page. However, there is a subtle indicator that is located on Facebook and has been underneath our noses all this time.

The Facebook chat feature is a great tool to connect immediately with friends and family members and can help you see who is online and available to chat. But did you know that the amount shown on the Facebook chat feature is a great indicator of when to post on Facebook?

Since the chat feature on Facebook displays in real-time which of your friends are willing to show online this number can now become a signal of when to post and when not to post. The number clearly increases and decreases throughout the day and the chances of you getting a response for the content you share enhance your chances of gaining a reaction or an action to your efforts.


There are small features that we often overlook and do not try and use to our advantage such as the chat feature for example, since it has been under our nose literally for years, yet we have yet to use it as a form to provide valuable information that is free, such as when we should post. Clearly you want to post as the number of people showing available online increases, making hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent on finding this type of crucial information put back into your pockets.

Even keep track of the inflating and deflating number to record and see if there is a pattern during certain times of the day. This can be useful for your business Facebook page as well since it can indicate a good time to post, share a campaign, a Facebook offer and many other marketing and promotional moments that need to be shared throughout the day.

Facebook sure is fun, yet keep your eyes peeled for tools and features that Facebook already offers that can help you gain the upper hand without having to spend a lot of money on information that is already available; instead, think of how you can twist it in the your favor and use them as indicators of when it is best to post on Facebook with information already provided to you by Facebook.

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Written by Erin Ryan
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