One of the most talked about topics of 2009’s was the real time web. Even as 2010 has begun, more and more articles are written about the real time web and more and more startups have launched. Even Google has begun mixing in real time results into their search engine through the “Latest Results Box” that shows up for many information based searches.

With all the noise and hype surrounding the real time web – it should be that users can greatly benefit from all of these new technologies. However, it seems that many internet users still aren’t using these tools to benefit from the real time web. You don’t have to use Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media service to be able to take advantage of the tools that are out there. Below, we have reviewed several of the things you can do today – to become better informed about what is going on.

One of the coolest aspects to the real time web is to learn about the latest trends. When a bunch of people discuss what is going on in the real time web, these topics are tracked to see which is being mentioned the most. Many sites offer the latest trends, and often, these trends can show you breaking news before it is picked up by traditional sources. What The Trend is the early leader in the trend space as they not only show the latest trends but also they show you reasons why each trend is popular right now.

The top 100 page offered by Sency can show you the 100 most popular topics over the past few days. It is fun to watch the trends change from time to time, as many companies, athletes, and actors hope to become trends themselves as it shows they are being talked about a lot.

Searching the real time web is a great way to get a window into what people are thinking and saying about any given topic. To search the real time web in its purest form, anyone can head to Twitter’s homepage. Remember, you do not need to be a Twitter user to take advantage of the search function. You can simply type in whatever you’d like, and you can see what is being said this instant about that particular subject. It can be informative and entertaining – as each day, something new will pop up for a given search whereas on the traditional web – the results are pretty static from one day to the next.

You can also utilize the real time web to find out what links are the most popular right now. When performing a search at Sency – you can click on the tab for Today’s most popular links. This will show you the hottest links right now on the real time web for a particular search term.

You can even see how many times a particular link was mentioned and by clicking on the mentions box – you are able to see some of the users whom have shared that respective link. The most popular link features are very interesting as you can see the links which users feel most passionate about for any given subject matter.

More and more tools will come out in regards to the real time web. And, you can become an expert in the real time web even if you don’t participate. And through becoming an expert, you will be able to take more from the web each day.

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