Hillary has the Second Highest Candidate Unfavorable Rating Ever

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Favorables

Any other year, this would be a headline that Republicans would be cheering over and sharing with all of their liberal friends. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton’s dismal 33% unfavorable rating is only the second worst in the 60 years that Gallup has surveyed with this question. The worst is her Republican nemesis. Donald Trump’s unfavorable is 42%, To put it into perspective, it’s almost double what Mitt Romney had in 2012 and is more than double what John McCain had in 2008.

As the LA Times points out, getting an unfavorable rating means getting the lowest or second-lowest rating on a 10-point scale. In other words, it wasn’t just people saying they disapprove of him. They assigned him a favorability number of either 1- or 2-out-of-10.

There are many of us who would rate both of them as a 1 on a 10 pt. scale and that’s a huge dilemma, particularly for conservatives. When we’re faced with a liberal liar and a liberal scoundrel as our two options, we’re forced to try to discern the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately, I can’t see myself ever willfully voting for a liberal even if both options fit the bill.

Here’s how the poll results came out:


Highly Favorable and Highly Unfavorable Ratings of Major Party Presidential Nominees, 1956-2016

Based on U.S. adults; Ranked by % highly favorable


Nominee Highly favorable Highly unfavorable
% (+4 to +5) % (-4 to -5)
1956 Oct 18-23 D. Eisenhower 57 4
1964 Oct 8-13 L. Johnson 49 5
1960 Oct 18-23 J. Kennedy 43 5
1984 Sep 21-24 R. Reagan 43 18
1976 Sep 24-27 J. Carter 42 5
1972 Oct 13-16 R. Nixon 41 11
1968 Oct 17-22 R. Nixon 39 8
1960 Oct 18-23 R. Nixon 37 8
2008 Oct 23-26 B. Obama 37 22
2012 Oct 27-28 B. Obama 36 24
2004 Oct 22-24 G.W. Bush 34 23
1956 Oct 18-23 A. Stevenson 34 16
1980 Oct 10-13 J. Carter 31 17
2012 Oct 27-28 M. Romney 30 22
1976 Sep 24-27 G. Ford 29 9
1968 Oct 17-22 H. Humphrey 29 11
1984 Sep 21-24 W. Mondale 28 15
2008 Oct 23-26 J. McCain 28 20
1992 Oct 23-25 B. Clinton 27 15
1980 Oct 10-13 R. Reagan 26 16
1992 Oct 23-25 G.H.W. Bush 25 18
2004 Oct 22-24 J. Kerry 22 22
2016 June 14-23 H. Clinton 22 33
1972 Oct 13-16 G. McGovern 21 20
1964 Oct 8-13 B. Goldwater 17 26
2016 June 14-23 D. Trump 16 42
2016 nominees are presumptive; Dates for all years except 2016 are final pre-election; No data for 1988, 1996 and 2000


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