Hang w/

Meet Hang w/ – the first and only app where you can Hang w/ your favorite people in a live real-time video sent from one phone to many, from anywhere at anytime. Hang w/ features cutting-edge technology that empowers you to stream and broadcast live high-quality video.

For those of you unsure just what live broadcasting is, it means the Video is broadcasted simultaneously while being recorded (instead of being recorded first on the iPhone). At the push of a button, you instantly get to see, hear and experience everything that is broadcasted – uncut, as it happens, unfolding before your eyes.

Hang w/ is great for up and coming performers, actors, or anyone looking to share a n artistic video they have created. Start your channel, stream to your peeps, gain new fans and grow your following. And you can get paid. Hang w/ is supported through ad revenue, so when more followers watch your broadcast, you get to share in more of the profits. And if your fan base swells faster than your ego, you might even want to quit your day job!

Download Hang w/ today for free and start broadcasting to all of your friends and followers!

Written by Guest Post