Do Republicans Stand a Chance on Social Media?

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  1. Social media is a very powerful in politics, although they can play for or against in an election campaign

  2. Alec Caywood

    I think the social media realm is still lost on many of the candidates from the GOP. In addition to this, it has become a space where many candidates can be openly attacked, look at Rick Perry and his “Strong” ad; over 8 million views, with over 600,000 disliking the ad and only 26,000 liking it. This ad is viewed by many as the turning point in his campaign. The GOP really needs to increase its online presence to counteract the negativity and start spreading the message it wants, not the fragmented messages of candidates.

    Alec – Tulane University

  3. Michael

    Ron Paul is the only Republican who has been able to fully utilize social media because he is the only Republican candidate whose ideas appeal to a young, tech savvy audience. Social Media relies on re-posts, re-tweets, and page views, and because young people still control most of this activity, Republicans like Romney and Santorum don’t stand a chance when their only quotes and sound bites have to do with issues that either don’t appeal to younger voters, or turn them off outright (birth control, pornography, leaving us on our own to pay for education, etc.). Obama’s social media use has been a success not only because he has worked to campaign across many platforms, but also because his ideas appeal to the generation which controls social media.