Facebok vs Google Plus

Google+ is a type of social networking website controlled by Google, Inc. This website was launched on June 28th, 2011. You can make buzz or profile on this website.

There is an amazing look of circles has been adopted by the Google+, these circles are the indication for small groups of people each with names like classmates, friends, co-workers family.


There are many questions about the performance of both social networking website Facebook as well as Google plus. There are millions of users of both social networking website Facebook as well as Google plus but still people wants to know which one is better. This cannot be decided easily because these social networking websites has their own users which favor their particular website they are using. There are many points which will make you think about which social networking website is best according to the performance and various other factors. It can be understood as:

  • If we talk about the use of Google plus then we can say that Google is proving every service with free of cost like Gmail, Docs, Search and many more which are embedded on the same page on its toolbar at the top, also almost every person use this application. So when Google plus is also present in the same toolbar then why you need to go on to other page for social network.
  • Google plus give you the new look of circles. You will find your friend, family mates and everything comes to you in the form of the circles but Facebook provide this facility in proper aligned form in a line form which is less complicated as compared to Google plus circle’s form.
  • Today, mobile platform is changing towards Google Android operating system so the Google plus is so designed that if you are an Android user then you can easily play with it, Facebook is also compatible with every type of Operating system but using it is somewhat clunky.
  • There is one feature known as Google plus Sparks which provide you the facility that if you want to share something with your friend then it gives you all related sources for information which is available to all its user whereas on the other hand Facebook does not have any facility of search engines to provide to its user. This makes a remarkable difference between Facebook and Google plus.
  • Google plus provides better management of personal information. As in Facebook, you need to decide which information you have to make public and which should not be shown, this type of tacky features are not present if Google plus.
  • If you want to delete your profile permanently then it is not easy with Facebook but in Google plus some clicks can wipe out your data permanently and easily.
  • If we talk about the chat feature, Facebook doesn’t offer the tools that are offered by Google plus like Hangout feature for performing group video chat. Also, the group chat application for the Android mobile is easier to operate.

Summary: There are many features which will suggest you to use Google+ but still there are also many feature of Facebook that cannot be ignored.

Written by Guest Post