The Advantage of Google’s New Search Plus Your World: Indexing Your Content Faster

Google Indexing

A Google+ update sent out by internet entrepreneur and founder Paul Allen hints there may be another reason to keep an eye on the recently launched Search Plus Your World. According to the post, Google looks to be indexing web content faster for users who are logged in to its social network than those who are not.

Allen says that while signed into the site, his post was indexed and already displayed in the search results within less than a minute. This was versus about 20 minutes for the post to appear for users who were not logged in.

Google’s new Search Plus Your World indexing your content faster is a huge perk as far as SEO goes. The timeliness of content on the web is more important than ever, and the faster you can get it to your audience, the better. It is essentially near real-time when considering that your content is made available in the results almost instantaneously.

This latest discovery appears to be a part of Google’s initiative to put greater emphasis on recency. Last fall, the search giant rolled out its freshness update, which aimed to showcase the most recently published material and was said to effect as much as 35% of the results.

Your World Through Google’s Eyes

For those who are not familiar, Google Search Plus Your World is a feature that serves up results that are more personalized and relevant to the user. The company is taking the recency concept even further with Search Plus Your World, and Google+ is the key piece of the puzzle. In order to get their hands on these enhanced results, the user must have the feature turned on, and more importantly, be logged into their account.

Apart from the possible faster indexing of content, Google Search Plus Your World basically consists of three components:

1. Personal Results – With Personal Results, the user can find information that is personally relevant to them. This could be content such as updates or photos they uploaded, or content that was shared with them by friends.

2. Profiles in Search – This component applies to both the standard results, and those that are displayed via Google’s Autocomplete feature. In a nutshell, Profiles in Search makes it possible for a user to easily find people in their circles or others they may want to follow on the site.

3. People and Pages – Hence the name, People and Pages enables the user to find people (by their profiles) and pages that are related to specific area they are interested in. Once a user finds a profile or page that interests them, they can follow it a few quick clicks.

It is important to note that Google has not confirmed whether or not it is indexing content faster for Google+ users, but that looks to be the case. If so, it could be another point for the argument of Search Plus Your World being the company’s biggest search update ever.

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  1. I’m new with google+ and I love that the features really personalize to you! It seems to make things very user friendly, and I think that will keep people from being turned off by some Social Media platforms such as google+!

  2. google always come up with new ideas to help and support its users….really it is the best website in the world

  3. This is a very interesting article. I don’t know that it would be fair for them to index Google+ users faster, but I definitely understand the method behind it.