Google Plus Sucks, So We’re Ditching Our Service

google plus sucksRecently, I called out a couple of vendors for selling a sub par product. I thought about it and decided that if my own services can’t stand up to that level of scrutiny, I have no business telling anyone else what they should do about their service. So over the weekend, I tore apart every thing we do for our clients – Top to bottom; report after report. You know what I found? Something we sell SUCKS and it is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

I have to admit, they pulled me in and talked that sweet Google talk about how awesome Google+ was going to be. The unbelievable growth. It was going to catch and usurp Facebook. But even if you didn’t believe that, they said +1?s were going to effect SEO in a B I G Googly Google kind of way.

So we jumped on the band wagon early. Told all our clients they need to get on this Google + wagon because it was going to give them this big SEO edge and that Google had positioned it so that you HAD to be there if you were going to be relevant. And after all this time and all this focus on Google +, you know who is on Google +? Marketers. Millions of marketers all happy about their +1?s and how many circles their in and the only people in their circles are more marketers like us! What a SHAM! Forget about the business of Fake likes or twitter followers, this whole Google + platform may as well be FAKE!

So what is Wikimotive doing about it? We are TERMINATING all Google + Services immediately. We have informed our clients and are offering to replace their service with another of equal value or simply reducing their monthly expense by the cost of the Google + service we were providing. In some cases that means losing a client. But I would rather lose a client than keep taking money from a dealer if we can’t substantiate ROI.

We’ll keep monitoring Google + and if it ever becomes useful at all. We’ll be the first to let you know. In the meantime, ask yourself this question. Would my vendor stop taking my money if they knew something they were selling me didn’t work?
Original article about Google+ posted on Wikimotive’s blog under the title Our Service Sucks, So We’re Throwing It Out!

Tim Martell

Timothy Martell is a digital marketing and SEO expert regularly sought out by both media and industry leaders for his opinion on social media marketing campaigns that really work. Timothy has been seen on MSNBC and Dateline, has been interviewed twice by Facebook for his successful dealership advertising campaigns, has been a featured speaker at automotive conferences such as, DMSC, AMBC, and the Driving Sales Executive Summit and has been featured on the cover of AutoSuccess magazine. Timothy is known for pushing the boundaries of conventional automotive thinking and producing social media campaigns that generate massive numbers of followers leading to record ROI.

27 thoughts on “Google Plus Sucks, So We’re Ditching Our Service

  1. Though I am not the biggest fan of Google+ as a social network and I feel it is going to struggle to compete with Facebook and Twitter it still has a massive part to play for anyone offering SEO services in my opinion. Since Google merged Places with Google+ it is essential for any business who would appreciate local traffic to have a well optimised and fresh Google+ profile.

  2. Quote:” We’ll keep monitoring Google + and if it ever becomes useful at all.”
    In just that one little line you told us all you have not idea what you are talking about.

  3. Fake?? What the f. is fake about G+ ??
    Compared to FB or Twitter nonsenses, there are damn lot more legit and great user profiles, and definitely more intelligent threads and reshares! More than any other networks. Probably you boy didn’t do some things very well.

    And what are the profiles on FB?? 1/4 is def. fake and/or pure marketing stunt.

  4. When your idea fails there are two options:
    1) Blame it on others
    2) Admit you suck.
    Most people that really, really suck use option #1.
    It’s not Google’s fault that you do not know how to use Google+
    Don’t wait for Google+ to become useful. It already is. You just suck.

  5. “Google local — great. Google +… worthless. Yes you can merge them, but don’t confuse the two.”

    Google merged Google Local with Google+ back in May/June. Without a Google+ account you can neither create or manage your Google business listing.

  6. I don’t get it. I really don’t understand why some people are hell bent on destroying a platform that they have no idea how to use.

    If you had taken the time to look around and interact, you would have noticed that marketers are only a very small part of the audience using G+. Actually, there are a lot of journalists and social media savvy individuals, as well as artists, photographers, and designers. Some people have actually gotten their big break on G+.

  7. Thanks for all the great feedback and perhaps, I should have better qualified my statements. While Google + may have uses as a social media platform, however when a company uses such a platform as a means to reach consumers for the purpose of generating return on investment for a client, real world restrictions may make it non-viable from a business standpoint.

    As a business we measure data to make decisions as opposed to “gut feelings” and mere passion. Fact is, as a marketing platform, Facebook pencils and so does twitter. Google + on the other hand falls short. Google + has made no significant impact from an SEO standpoint or perhaps it is better said that there are many other places to focus SEO before looking to Google +.

  8. Uhm… I thought I enjoyed the article, and then saw that they by-line is longer than the article!

    I had to do a double-take reading the writer’s bio. He “interviewed” with Facebook, not “consulted”

    Seriously brother, shorten your bio and stop trying to name-drop companies just because you went for a job interview!! Then, I may start to take your advice seriously.


  9. lol @ Job interview. Facebook recommended us for a co-interview with one of the major networks over the success we had using Facebook as a marketing platform for car dealerships. This happened on 2 separate occasions. Apparently, the networks decided to go in a different direction and wanted to interview someone that got a job at a company because of Facebook instead of businesses that had success because of the platform.

  10. You got it. Google+ is right there with Google Buzz, Google Wave, and every other attempt by Google to completely duplicate another social network. Google is good at three things – search, email and cell phone OSes. They should stick with those and stop trying to steal the entire Internet.

  11. Are you serious, google+ plus is nothing but a grey piece of paper. The whole layout truely suxs. Just a grey blob on my screen. Didn’t some former apple designer design this epic fail layout. No themes to make this stand apart from fb, I can’t be bothered reviewing google+, just suxs big time.

  12. Facebook is for connections. It’s your grandma showing you the cute picture she took of your neice using a Sony NEX camera. Facebook is where you go to chat to people you know in real life. Or at least, it should be.

    Google+ is for Interests. This is where you can follow live streams of people in industries and communities to which you are passionate about. My grandma is not on Google+ and I like it that way.

    The reason your brands are failing on Google+ is because you are trying to use Google+ the way you use Facebook.


    I believe that people look to Google+ just because of the power of Google as a brand. As a corporation they have to copy and attempt to match what is successful in other companies around them. At Yu Social we will also be keeping a close eye on Google+. Although I do feel they will have to a lot to it before we turn a large amount of our time and attention towards using it.

    Joe Pack
    Yu Social Marketing

  14. I have found some great relationships on g+ and sold awesome seo benefits. Maybe you have your head in the sand and you’re not using g+ correctly or you don’t have the right friends on g+.

  15. Google+ may not have the user base of Facebook or Twitter but it’s certainly still relevant. The biggest reason to be active on Google+ is for SEO purposes. Google created Google+ to get more search data that can be incorporated into the search algorithm.

  16. I think that Google Plus is a great tool. However, you do have some very great valid points. But I believe that Google Plus is a great tool; it’s very easy to get to anf it’s open to whoever. I’ve never had any issues with Google Plus.

  17. Most interesting to me is that you still have your g+ icon up!

    I too recommend people have Google+ as part of their platform, but I agree, the emphasis and userability goes to Facebook and then Twitter (which I personally love). Even Pinterest is easier to use.

  18. Super interesting take on Google + but it seems a bit hasty to make that decision. Also, inconvenient for those clients who may find Google + as their best form of social media. Realistically though, Facebook and Twitter bring in the most for businesses but Google + can still help certain businesses reach potential clients and or customers. And taking away that option might limit some of your clients and weaken their potential.

    We’re not afraid of the challenge that Google + may have and are willing to help our client get the most out of ALL their social mediums, including Google +. So to those clients that you lost, if you’re reading this check out what search and social solutions ZOG Digital can offer-

  19. Good points ZOG, the issue for us isn’t the challenge that Google + presents, but more a matter of integrity. Google + certainly has value as a social network and no doubt, one day will also serve a broader base of businesses from a marketing stand point, it just isn’t happening today. For a big Fortune 500 or other multi-national corporation, having a presence on Google + may pencil. But for the local business the data just isn’t there.

    We certainly could have kept taking our client’s money (which it sounds like you are more than willing to do) but as a company we made a decision based on principle that we would not accept money from a client if a measurable potential for ROI exists. The google + data we have suggests that the ROI just isn’t there yet from a marketing perspective.

    If a company has internal resources and they can devote a couple minutes a day to updating Google +, great! Do it! But don’t pay a company a few hundred dollars a month to do it for you, because there just isn’t any value in that right now.

  20. Google places was a great service. It generated a substantial volume of business from local clients – exactly what I needed. Since Google places merged with Google + I find it to be utterly useless. It generates zero business.

  21. Update: Although I still don’t see any benefit or use for the Google plus side of the merger Google has finally integrated the Places side into Plus in such a way that it is generating a solid amount of business again. I also like the new look of my Places/Plus page. It is possible, if Google continues to work the bugs out of this system and perhaps simplifies it a bit, that Google Plus will truly become a useful and worthwhile endeavor for us all.

  22. Yep, Google Plus is garbage. I use it for my local business. Anyone with a local business knows the value of showing up on Google Local. Now that Google Plus is deeply integrated with Google Local, business owners virtually need to have a G+ account. The problem? Reviews don’t show up. Valid ones. Google is so concerned with filtering out illegitimate reviews that good ones cant even get through their filter. The wierd thing? A competitor of mine has a fake address,about a dozen fake reviews, and shows up better than me.

    Another problem? Every minor change you make to your account has to be manually approved – yet Google will not repsond to a question or fix something that only they can fix. I’ve had unresolved issues sitting in their forum for months.

    Don’t get me wrong – I understand the importance of prevending abuse. But your product needs to be user friendly as well, and G+ is anything but.

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