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Thor is a god, specifically, he’s the thunder god, super specifically, he’s the Norse god of thunder, storms, and beating the pulp out of things with his magic hammer, Mjolnir (just imagine I did the umlaut on the o). Thor is an unruly god, short on temper and long on power. When he approached, you never knew for sure if you were getting the clenched fist or the open palm (though smart money was on the first), and small business SEO services across the world have come to view Google in pretty much the same way.

The latest victim on Google’s mighty hammer are websites that have manipulative link profiles. For those of you who don’t know, manipulative links are any links that aren’t natural and thus are trying to game, or manipulate, the system. Bought links from a link farm? Spamming forums? Anchor text too spot on? Get ready for the hammer, baby.

Wikimotive Thor Fightinh

A new report from Portent, a marketing agency in sunny Seattle, shows the pattern of Google’s Penguin updates and their standard on bad links. Essentially, sites used to be able to have 80% spammy links and still rank. In spring of 2012, that was cut down to 65%. In October, Google began to punish sites that had as low as 50% spammy links. The following graph is from their report:

Wikimotive Spam Links

Remember, these aren’t sites that got penalties. These are sites that were analyzed by an algorithm and then plummeted in the rankings. October was the last big change, but now that Penguin is an ongoing part of Google’s algorithm, we can assume this number will continue to gradually drop over time. Soon enough, having manipulative spammy links in ANY quantity will draw the ire of Thor and his mighty hammer.

What can you do? Fix your bad links! Get rid of the forum spam, change up your anchor text to make it more organic, use the disavow tool if they aren’t under your direct control, but just get rid of them. If you want to chance it and wait until your rankings start to slip before you make a move, that’s your prerogative. By all means, wait for the hammer before changing anything.

More room at the top for the rest of us.

Wikimotive Thor Superman


(All superhero pictures belong to Marvel and DC comics, except the bottom one looks like a totally rad crossover that now I have to buy.)

Original post on Google’s Bans can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled, “Google the Thunder God” by Daniel Hinds.

Tim Martell

Timothy Martell is a digital marketing and SEO expert regularly sought out by both media and industry leaders for his opinion on social media marketing campaigns that really work. Timothy has been seen on MSNBC and Dateline, has been interviewed twice by Facebook for his successful dealership advertising campaigns, has been a featured speaker at automotive conferences such as, DMSC, AMBC, and the Driving Sales Executive Summit and has been featured on the cover of AutoSuccess magazine. Timothy is known for pushing the boundaries of conventional automotive thinking and producing social media campaigns that generate massive numbers of followers leading to record ROI.

6 thoughts on “Google, God of Thunder

  1. By now just about everyone with a website should know that manipulative links are bad for business. The tip about getting rid of spammy forum comments is especially important for many sites. Often there will be spam comments on blogs that the webmaster lets go that could be seriously harming your page rank. With another Penguin update on the horizon now is the time to be proactive to avoid problems later in the year.

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