Google+ compared to Facebook and Twitter (bonus: done in a British accent)

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  1. well thats really amazing as google + has come with with so many new features or we can say somthething that has overcome the drawbacks in facebook and twitter.but i think that it will take a lot of time for them to get themself in the minds of people as facebook and twitter already have mafe them selves so much that majority of people don,t think of switching over to some other social netwrok.what do u say guys?

  2. I can’t comprise as they can arrive to realise similar affirmations. Google +1 can consider a social network but neither much less like Facebook or Twitter

  3. Not so much a british accent… There’s a heavy twang of living in australasia in there too. (A brit would know! :p)

  4. Agreed mate. As an bona fide Anglo-Australian I can tell you she’s 100% Oz but making a decent effort of the plummy vowels. NOT TO MENTION: when’s the last time you saw a British girl as pretty as that? 😀