Google+ Adds Notifications to Circles

Many may agree that the reason Google+ hasn’t quite taken off as many may had thought it would is due to lacking in the ease of socializing. Although circles are a great way to place people and choose who we want to directly share with, we have become accustomed to finding and interacting with people a little more openly and simpler.

This is not to say Google hasn’t tried to make their social networking site more social, with Hangouts and Communities, they are surely putting great effort into adding features that are innovative and some that we are already familiar with elsewhere. Yet, it must be difficult to try and create a social network these days, especially with the competition and to try to succeed without mimicking them, even though you know from their lessons as to what works and what hasn’t.

Sites like Facebook have been successful with their notifications system and many rely on this to remain informed even though they too have a real-time news feed, that depending on the day will or will not let you pick “most recent” and stay with it.

If anything can be learned through social media it is that people do not attain their information from one source, although news feeds are a centralized hub, our curiosity tends to get the best of us and we all too often want to know what we missed while not on our social network of choice. Heck, even Twitter’s app will leave off to your last “connect” until you return.

As with everything, we want the ability to have choices while we keep having the choice to see what we may have missed as we have to carry on with other parts of our lives. Sure, Google+ has provided users with notifications of any activity that has been chosen to be shared with us, or of comments and +1’s but they never gave the ability as to who we wanted to receive notifications from, of course aside from circling someone. The newsflash is that even if we circle someone, it doesn’t mean we want to see all of their updates as opposed to particular circles that we would want to see more of. Now Google+ has enabled this feature so you can choose from current circles of people whom you never want to miss a status update from again or you can create a new circle to gather certain people of those who you want to see come up in notifications of when they post, known as Google subscribe.


This is a great step in the right direction for Google+ since we need those types of options that will keep us socializing and not just turn Google+ into one big feed of content, even though that is what Google is best at, they are enhancing their social (right-brained) skills and improving Google+ continuously, as another reason to add to your ever-growing list of why you should be on G+ and be a part of its social growth, although it might be slow, someday it is sure to be mighty.

[Google+ Notifications image via publiccircles]

Written by Erin Ryan
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