There are trillions of videos posted on YouTube and other social video websites every day. While that’s a gross overestimation, it doesn’t feel like it is to those who get catapulted into the public eye because of something they did and posted on these video websites.

“Going Viral” is a term that means something you submitted, whether it’s Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance” or Gary Brolsma’s “Numa Numa”, has made it to the point where it is now completely self-sustaining in its wildfire spread across the internet. Blogs post it, social networking sites show it, emails get blasted with it, and of course there are the direct views on YouTube.

If you want to “Go Viral”, here’s some tips from the experts in a Wall Street Journal article.

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With the holidays coming, time is precious:

Written by JD Rucker
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