Following on Twitter: Quality vs Quantity

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  1. “Those who fall in the middle by following a few thousand people without attempting to grow will have a difficult time achieving success regardless of their goal.”

    I don’t think I’d say people following a few thousand are really in the middle, statistically speaking, but you’re points throughout are still well taken 🙂

  2. spinchange

    Gah…your points are well taken, not you’re points well taken.
    (Of course, people don’t care how it’s spelled they read it.

  3. Great work! I enjoyed your points and arguments, which made sense and demonstrated how a proper and healthy interaction should be on Twitter…

    What tickled my senses to leave a comment was your statement and I quote: “Twitter is not a popularity contest”, and I totally agree! It is very annoying and disappointing to find out that many people are using Twitter for that reason!

    A few days ago, I wrote an article entitled: “10 Things I Hate About So-Called Gurus”. One of the points I mentioned was that fake gurus do not listen to what their followers say and I deducted that from their follower to following ratio; they are followed by a huge number and they do not reciprocate the friendship, as if their sincere followers are just mere numbers to them, which they can boast about yet in real life, do not carry any appreciation for… And this is sad!

    But I still believe there is hope! I compiled a list of Top Twitter Tips about different topics of interest which I gathered from my followers and I was amazed to find 50 great tips easily (quality) and many more as well.

    So, in conclusion, there are those who really care about making a difference and helping others on Twitter, and there will always be those who use Twitter as a mere tool for promotion and boasting (which I also wrote about in a post entitled 15 Types of Twitter Users

    Again, thanks for the post and the great content.

  4. I have been trying to talk about this a lot with my customers. I think they are trying to go back to the old “funnel down” theory that they use in standard marketing. You can still see some great sales results by having a ton of random followers but you will create more long lasting relationships with your customers and followers if you try and truly connect with the people interested in your product. Great topic.

  5. Quality tweeps are better than Quantity tweeps… for some. It totally depends on what you are using Twitter for: connecting with friends, just for fun, marketing your business, etc. This article does a great job explaining the nuances of a complex and emerging issue.

  6. Successful people (not all, but a lot) on Twitter, I’ve noticed, have less followers but are more engaging. It’s true – about having tons of followers but nobody’s really listening. Now, you have to weigh what’s more important to you.

  7. I said something very similar back in July:

    So I agree – the race for quantity relates to Scoble’s recent mass unfollowing (and the mass reciprocated unfollowing of Scoble) that indicates how many people are in it for the numbers – a rat hitting the feeder bar for a pellet, if you will. As people learn Twitter, they start to grasp that “quality” and “niches” are what count, and not massive amounts of followers.

  8. barnoah

    AS a writer of Allegories,Teacher of scripture,.I’M interested whats on the mind of my fellow man;How to encourage,make them think,,bring humor to the moment,how to do deeper meaning,,& GODS gift of inter-action with & caring;;

  9. I agree that having quality is what’s important. However, I think the quickest way to acheive that quality is by following mass amounts of people to start. Then weeding through the imposters to those you enjoy communicating and sharing info with.

    For more on me check my lastest article:


  10. Quality vs Quantity – great article. I thought it applied to fitting the most thoughts into 150 words when shouting out in twitter to a friend. It is fun to say hi to old friends and new friends whenever you pick up the laptop.

    What I don’t like about social media, is that it is written across many, many sites – and they don’t always include the words you wrote, or they do include words you didn’t write.

    Because of that, I am backing out of the “link” business until I have some control over it. It has affected my life and the people in it.