FINALLY a Mashable Story That Didn’t Front Page on Digg… Oh


After getting 20 stories to the front page of Digg through their publisher’s account (often with less than 30 Diggs prior to promotion), Mashable finally seems to have struck out. There’s a story that has nearly 200 Diggs at the 11 hour mark. Does this mean that Digg is finally being fair with its algorithm, or is there a certain level of mysterious timing with this particular story not hitting:

Wait, NOW you’re going to make Mashable get more than 20 Diggs before hitting the front page? Come on, Digg. The only thing you have going for you right now is consistency.

C:\Users\JD Rucker\Pictures\Blog Pics\Mashable_Didn’t_Hit.png

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  1. I’d tried the new Digg myself and I’d say we’ll get more surprises in the coming days, not only the sudden boost of reddit links that made Digg buzz like crazy a few days ago. Yes, curious how Mashable didn’t make it to the top news. I wonder if website owners will like this new change in Digg, or they may join the screaming crowd out there asking for the old version to be reinstated. Geez..