Facebook will Hit 700 Million Users in July, but…

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At current pace, Facebook will eclipse the 700-million user mark some time in early July. That’s the good news for the social network. The bad news – the growth rate has slowed for the second consecutive month, lending to the premise that it has reached its peak and will start to plateau. It’s not because they’re doing anything wrong.

Everybody’s already on it.

While many speculated that the site could hit 1 billion before the end of the year, that doesn’t seem possible anymore. In fact, they will have a hard time reaching 800,000,000 by the beginning of 2012.

InsideFacebook reports that at the beginning of June, Facebook was at 687 million users and grew by 11.8 million in May. April showed 13.9 million new users and the average over the last 12 months was around 20 million.

Does this mean the site is done? Finished? Ready to go the way of MySpace? Of course not. It simply means that in the next few months we’ll see changes in the way that Facebook operates with the rest of the internet and the rest of the real world. Could we see Facebook TV soon?

We say yes.

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  1. Well I would guess that in the near future we will see many changes in most social media platforms, but I definitely don’t think is over or it will stop. It just gets saturated and growth will follow just maybe in a more lower rate.

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  3. Mentis

    Is it because now there are better photo sharing websites? Even basic crop and enhancement option is not there in fb

  4. Notafan

    To all the Kool-Aid drinkers, facebook is just a fad. In time you will see how everyone jumps ship. Facebook is becoming time consuming and ruining relationships. You will notice more stricter government restrictions due to increas of bullying and harassament filings. All the 800,000,000 are not active and some not real at all. This is another Myspace, which I never participated in. People will come to realize that the relationships on FB are not genuine. They will go back to F2F interactions, if they haven’t already. And, for all the businesses, if you are not a superstar already, maybe 1% of those on FB will reach success using FB. Do the math and admit tht most of the business you have had was already in place with relationships you had already. FB had nothing to do with it. People will be grow tired, if they haven’t already. The Kool-aid doesn’t taste so good. All the marketers that were pushing FB have grown tired as well, pushing the same lines.

  5. As someone who was just kicked out of Facebook a couple of days ago, just because someone flagged my profile as being “not real enough for Facebook”, I certainly hope that Facebook collapses due to its own Nazi-like policies… It’s not as if I’ll miss it much: for me, the greatest strength of Facebook was its API, which allows easy interconnection among so many different social networking sites. It was the power of having a rather good (not perfect, but good) way of logging in to so many different sites using the same digital identity that made Facebook such an incredible tool to me.

    Now I’ll be losing access to myriads of sites where I’m subscribed. Some of them, of course, I’ll get back with a Twitter or Google account (or even a WordPress or OpenID account). But what I resent most is that Facebook has the power to disconnect us from so many non-Facebook sites at whim, and without the ability to file complains — they’re completely immune from any legal rights, specially consumer protection rights, and they have more than enough money to be immune from law suits for people like me who lost access to pretty much everything out there which had little or nothing to do with Facebook — except that it used their APIs.

    The lesson learned is that I cannot rely on an Internet “created” by a single sociopath individual who is (or was) sponsored by the Russian Mafia at some point. No matter how much Facebook has grown — or will grow — and becomes more and more “credible”, their roots are still based on borderline activity — we all know how Zuckerberg launched Facebook by stealing pictures of his female college colleagues out of his university’s server. It definitely started on the wrong foot.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives, and some start getting regular support from integrators, becoming part of plugins and social-enabling technologies. Don’t put your eggs in the same basket; the ax of intolerance and control will soon fall upon you, no matter what you do, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening — except being careful and distribute your online identity among as many services as possible, and trusting the innermost resources (like your email address and your web page) to nobody else but yourself.

  6. Facebook, despite of the fact that it started on the wrong foot, it grew and they’ll definitely work something out to strengthen their roots in the social market.

  7. I actually think that Facebook has a good potential to become the largest “country” in the world. It will take some time but as more and more people on the globe get access to the internet, more of them will rush into Facebook so that they will eventually hit a billion users.

  8. Facebook, Twitter etc have been around for quite a long time now. There will be a new thing coming along soon that will change things. Look at friends reunited were are they now. At one time it was the thing to be on and now its so yesterday. Whats next ????

  9. I’ve been social networking now for a few years and although I wouldn’t consider myself “hard core”, I check FaceBook regularly and occasionally share pics and/or videos. I’ve become more and more concerned about what I read and learn about social networking sites selling the information that they compile about me and all of us as we use their site. Evidently, the 600 million of us sharing our likes/dislikes, talking about where we go and what we do-is really big business-and by that I mean-big MONEY business. We all know Social Networking Sites sell our personal information as well as our content to third parties (we gave them exclusive rights to do this when we signed up) and these companies are clamoring to find potential sales. I mean I know they have to make money, but at what price to us-the users. And it seems so easy for private information shared on these sites to become available to everyone-I mean, you read terrible stories about things that happen as a result of private information made public from these sites. Anybody can Google your name, get directed to your facebook page and BOOM!!! Now they have 100% access to anything about you that you shared on the site inclusing photos of your family, kids, etc. Check out this video that explains how Facebook uses your information. It’s eye opening.

    There is a NEW social media site called crazygood.com. It is a subscription-based social networking site that doesn’t sell users’ info or even allow ads. I still go on FaceBook often but use it more as a search for friends now-because it’s so massive. But if I want to SHARE info, photos, etc., I only use Crazygood. In the next few years most people will be on this site because it just makes sense. It just makes me feel more protected, and I’m back in control of my own information. If you’re concerned about your cyber safety and want to be SURE your private information remains just that-PRIVATE, then check out Crazygood by clicking on the link below. Oh By the way. They pay you to refer your friends and family. How cool is that??

  10. Stephanie

    Who are we supposed to complain to about all the changes to the regular face book pages? Almost all of my friends are complaining but we are only complaining to each other because no one knows where to put our complaints. Too many things have changed to what was a perfect fb format.

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  12. ‘d be a sheep,if not join crazygood?