Surprising Stats of the Day: Facebook vs Twitter

Just when you thought you’d seen every comparison between Twitter and Facebook and came to the conclusion that they’re really two different sites with different uses and demographics, here comes another burst of information to confuse the issue, make you second guess what you thought you knew about the who/what/where of social media, and put you in the precarious position of writing paragraphs that are way too long to open a blog post.

We found this particular graphic through our friends at Gigaom in a nice writeup they did on the piece. As you can see, there really doesn’t appear to be too much of a statistical difference between the two sites, but those who know them realize that sometimes they’re like night and day.

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11 thoughts on “Surprising Stats of the Day: Facebook vs Twitter”

  1. Guest says:

    Nice representation of Social Strength.

  2. Carl says:

    So no big differences there except for the amount of people who use the services.

  3. Facebook Application Development says:

    I think both contains the similar stats but there is a huge difference in total number of users.

  4. Nick Stamoulis says:

    Not a major difference here, statistically, but there is a big difference in the numbers that use each service. I have seen another report somewhere that also shows the demographic difference in the shopping habits of those on twitter vs those on facebook, in respect to the kinds of places they shop at, really shows the distinction in demographics. Wish I could remember which site had that study, it was quite interesting.

  5. Garious says:

    I’m pretty lost here as the stats are not far from each other so I guess, I’ll still keep both for my brand. If people find the 140-character space too short to write me some stuff, they can always Facebook me. Simple.

  6. Andres Gadala says:

    How come in twitter a 52% update the status every day but only, 27% login every day, make no sence.

  7. Create Facebook Application says:

    Twitter is growing up.

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