Facebook Voting

Voting isn’t exactly the most social thing. In fact, you’re supposed to vote on your own. In today’s world of sharing everything, Facebook is giving people the opportunity to tell the world that they voted.

The top-screen message should appear when you log into Facebook today if you’re in the United States. It is a mild encouragement to let your friends know that you are voting; if you click the button, when they log in they’ll see your profile picture in the box.

It’s a nice little feature that allows people to let others know they voted. It’s unlikely that anyone will decide to vote if they weren’t going to just because they see that all of their friends voted, but it’s still good to see Facebook participating in the government process. Most American’s Facebook news feeds have been flooded with discussions about politics over the last few weeks. While many choose to avoid political discussions altogether (and especially on their social networks) it has still been a challenge to avoid seeing it. Soon, it will all be over.

Written by Rocco Penn
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