Facebook Timelines for Business: The Tutorial (by @brandgraphics)

Facebook Timeline for Business

Under most circumstances, I prefer to dive into changes in major social media sites and come to my own conclusions. It’s important that I try out the various “new hotness” candidates to see for myself if it’s something that I should explore further and recommend to others.

Then, there are times when it’s best to leave it up to others who have already done the work and research and have put together something amazing. Such is the case when I stumbled onto Timothy Brand’s infographic about Facebook Fan Pages for Businesses, particularly how to work with the new timeline layouts.

Here it is and I endorse this message. Hopefully, when I’m down in Austin for SXSW next week, I’ll get to talk to Mr. Brand.

Click to enlarge.

Facebook Fan Pages

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Addin a QR code is “THE tip” in my opinion.

  2. Our business switched to timeline very quickly. We were kind of nervous at first because we thought we would be lost. In the end, we saw a significant increase in our user engagement. Rather than pushing our services, we just used our timeline to show our audience what happens on a daily basis in our office. It was a great way to humanize our business.

  3. I can’t say how much I disagree with using a QR code. Do you believe that it’s practical for a user who’s at their PC to get out their mobile phone in order to scan the QR code and visit another page? Why would anyone do that instead of just clicking a URL that you can put in the About box on the left side of the tabs?

  4. Great post thank you!
    To reply to what was said– I can see the QR code used to help people download mobile applications – or perhaps “scan to call”- or maybe for “scan to get directions on your phone”. QR has its uses but its not for everyone.

  5. Great infographic! I’ve been struggling on how to appropriately set up my companies cover within Facebook’s guidelines on promotional content, so this was very helpful. On the topic of QR Codes I’m still uncertain. George may have a point on this. Wouldn’t it be more functional just to provide a link? If they’re on your Facebook page aren’t we assuming they’re already on a web platform where such a thing would be easier to use?

  6. Great post guys,

    I’m dubious about the QR code addition to the profile pic.
    Firstly its going to be coming through the news feed for most users, sitting next to creative/engaging/relevant profile pics.
    Secondly the user is actually on the page, or even worse they are using their mobile to access the page, then what? An inception-esque situation whereby the user scans their screen with their own phone?
    Finally, although I’ve used and promoted them to clients, QR codes need to be fully considered from start to finish, the action is recordable so what are we going to measure when this QR code is created for a facebook profile pic? What can it do that an engaging content strategy can’t do?

  7. zac

    I personally hate the timeline..