Facebook: The High School Reunion Party Pooper

High School Reunion

Ten years ago if you asked someone when the last time they spoke to their high school buddies, they might say, “at their 10-year high school reunion.” Today, their answer would be more along the lines of, “yesterday.” Thanks to Facebook, people do not need to dress up and try and impress their old friends at their high school reunion, they can just sit at home and talk to them via internet connection.

I could not help but wonder if Facebook was killing the whole idea, and fun behind a high school reunion. Would people rather go to a reunion, or are they content at keeping up with them via social media?

Some people might go ahead and attend their high school reunion, but be super unimpressed and disappointed because they already know everything new and exciting  in their old buddies lives, because of Facebook.

Think about it, If you now live on the East Coast but went to school on the West Coast, why make a trip across the country, when you can talk to those people daily through Facebook? These are the reasons that 10-year high school reunions are declining nationwide.

Although Facebook is a great tool for staying in touch with your past and present, it may be ruining the nostalgia of high school reunions. Yes, you can communicate with former classmates through Facebook, but you wont be able to get a full impression of how those old mates turned out. And in my opinion, nothing beats the real thing.

Tim Levin

Tim Levin is the Social Media Coordinator for Millennium Hyundai. Tim has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations from SUNY Plattsburgh. He currently resides on Long Island, NY with his love for social media and public relations growing everyday.

2 thoughts on “Facebook: The High School Reunion Party Pooper

  1. I think Facebook helped make my 30th class reunion much better.

    I had reunited with some friends from middle and high school and we had been socializing. Being in touch with people via Facebook before the reunion made attending even more fun.

    I was able to find others and extend the group and really had a good time.

    Since my husband had already met some folks he didn’t feel like an outsider. We were even invited to three after-parties that I never would have been invited to in high school. lol

  2. I’m pissed at the way things have been handled with my upcoming 40th reunion. Five years ago we had facebook and addresses were collected and invitations were sent. For this year it was all word of mouth with posts only on facebook. Feeds are often missed and not keeping up with the “clique” group dates, times, events went unknown until too late to get time off for work. Not the whole world spends their entire free time on the internet. People often miss pms or choose not to get back right away. I think it really sucks that the people who chose to be on the reunion committee couldn’t bother to make sure everyone was personally contacted in a timely manner making sure all knew the dates, costs and meeting places. For sure I won’t be going to my 40th reunion, using facebook has spoiled the invitation process and i for one don’t have time to search through a multitude of posts looking for information. They didn’t even bother to post anything in the events category.

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