Last week, the Facebook F8 Conference took place; which is a conference intended for Facebook developers and for those who love to know what’s going on with this heart stopping social network. Even underneath all the geek talk, you could understand the brilliance that was about to be unleashed unto the book of all faces. However, with all good changes come some bad, some that you may not be aware of and if not, here’s what you need to know.

As of April 24th, Facebook has added a new Privacy feature under your accounts setting; this feature is called “Applications and Websites”. Since Facebook is looking to have your favorite websites connect to its platform, this also means that your information will be shared across the Internet. For those who don’t mind, this won’t matter, but for those of you who do care, you will need to check your Account Settings immediately and apply changes of any unwanted information sharing. Since this new feature was rolled out yesterday, Facebook made sure to leave the default setting to reveal your information.

  1. Sign into Facebook > Account Settings>Applications and Websites

  2. Start from the top click on all 6 settings and read the information provided by Facebook carefully to than make your decision.

  3. Uncheck all that you do not want shared and click save

  4. Choose “only friends” on the drop down to keep you information within the friends you have chosen to have on Facebook.

As Facebook expands it is crucial for you to keep up-to-date on your privacy settings, whether you use Facebook for Personal or Professional gain. Although spending time on the Internet does open up your privacy, it does not mean that you can’t still be knowledgeable to where your information is being sent, and further more, you should be entitled to make sound decisions on what information is being used as well as owning your online reputation. Always remember that being savvier won’t make you less social.

Did you know about this new feature and will you make any changes to your Privacy settings?

Erin Ryan has a passion for Social Media and is currently working within the industry as a Social Media Specialist. Contact Erin on Twitter @4u2wear2

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Written by Erin Ryan
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