If you have a business page setup on Facebook and looking to gain more local people on your page as well as spread your brand further within your community, Facebook Nearby is a new mobile location based feature that has been helping profiles thus far but as of last month, Facebook decided to add a global update to their feature and include “Nearby” for businesses as well.

What is Facebook Nearby?

Facebook Nearby is a mobile feature that is now both on Android and iOS phones that becomes a mobile discovery dependent on friends for searching consumers. The feature will allow consumers to find local businesses through their connections on Facebook by browsing or searching via Facebook categories or by connecting directly from their phone; which includes check-in’s, getting directions, and allowing consumers to rate and share recommendations.

How do Facebook Users see Nearby Facebook Businesses?

The curated list that shows on your Facebook Nearby is dependent on friends’ recommendations, ratings, check-ins, and likes.

How-to have your physical business get discovered on Facebook Nearby

Firstly, you must have a physical location for your business in order to become discoverable on Facebook Nearby. To ensure that your business does get found is simple and you may already have the following information added to your Facebook page, if not or to double-check, here is what you need to have included on your Facebook page:

Update your Page to include basic information, such as your address, store hours, phone number, and details about your business in the “About section”.

Update your category. Ex: if you are a sushi restaurant, you will not appear if you do not have the correct category listed.

Encourage connections from customers: likes, check-ins, ratings, and recommendations.

Facebook Nearby is a feature that is a part of Facebook Locations and is intended to help your business not only get discovered online but to encourage people to come in-store, therefore you need to make sure that you are in the proper category and that all of your information is filled out. Take part in creating check-in deals to up the ante and most importantly, make sure that you are actively interacting with your online community to give your possible in-store community a preview of the excellent service they will receive by choosing your business.

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  1. Great article. It’s really encouraging to see many LBS popup in the last 18 months.

    My sole advise to any company considering using Location Based Services, is to make sure you know who will own your data, who will be able to use that data to sell to others, and how you will keep control over your data.

    If your company has zero LBS ambitions (please reconsider) you might get away with LBS from Facebook or 4Squared. Even so, I would ask you to consider consulting a dedicated, enterprise class Location Based Service Provider before you make any (long term!) decision.

    Please keep in mind that the data you generate will be worth a lot in the near future. Try and keep ownership of that data if possible. Your company, your customers, your data.

  2. At least Facebook has a really useful feature for businessmen or businesswomen.