Microsoft Buying Facebook would be like Exxon Buying Greenpeace

Facebook MicrosoftI’m late on chiming in on this one, but with a reason. I had to pinch myself first, then wait to see if I was getting punk’d.

As many blogs have stated, the rumor that Microsoft is pursuing Facebook is, well, just a rumor. Still, things like these don’t just pop up randomly (very often) without some credibility, especially when it makes sense as a ploy to pressure Yahoo. With that said, I still feel the need to point out why this won’t work. Call it abuse of the hypothetical, but blogs are made to explore the possibilities.

Many, perhaps most, Facebook users do not want Microsoft. They were a little upset when they purchased under 3% of the company. If that becomes 50+%, we will likely see a large-scale exodus. Sadly, it would happen right after Facebook passed MySpace on Alexa.

Here are some of the groups. You must be logged on for the links to work, but I’ve posted some of the content from the pages:

Don’t let microsoft buy facebook

“I have seen it rumored on many sites that microsoft is looking to close a deal on buying beloved facebook. Don’t let this happen join this group and make your voice heard! Invite your friends don’t let this happen!”

Anti-Microsoft Facebook

“We want to keep Facebook free of the nefarious and ubiquitous clutches of Microsoft. Join the crusade…”

Don’t sell facebook to Microsoft!

“OK First of all, why should you give a damn right?

1. Less privacy
2. More advertisements
3. Everything that Microsoft runs typically sucks.”

I *WILL* Close My Account if Microsoft buys Facebook!

“Facebook is one of the few social sites were advertisements take up less than 3% of the screen. Yet every Microsoft site & product is overpowered with advertisements– from your Hotmail Inbox to your MSN Messages.

I think you know where this is going. And frankly, I have no desire to purchase ANYTHING from Microsoft or put up with their spam. If Microsoft intends to spend SIX BILLION on Facebook, I will be long gone before they can re-collect.

Who’s with me?”

* * *

As you can see, some people are hot. This isn’t huge news, as it will most likely never happen. Still, it’s fun to speculate.

Facebook is giving people young and old (okay, mostly young) the ability to network, share, and interact. It is open in so many ways and loved (in some cases) by the very people who are against big business, against strict rules, against closed sources…

…against companies like Microsoft.

Just as would completely lose credibility if they were bought by Exxon, Facebook would lose “face” by selling to a company like Microsoft. It probably won’t happen, but if the Yahoo deal is truly dead, Microsoft seems bent on buying somebody, anybody, to help rejuvenate their image and improve their profit margins. Otherwise, they’re stuck waiting for the next Windows version to come out.

* * *

This is a social networking blog at heart, but social media and social bookmarking are important too. Enjoy.

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  1. Shawn

    his is stupid. People are bitching about the privacy implications of Microsoft buying Facebook. Hello, Facebook already uses your information for tons of business related purposes and would take any chance to profit from it.

    Facebook is big business these days, it has strict rules, and it is close sourced.

    I fail to see what the fuss is about. Facebook has the most whiny users in the world everything they do gets like 1 million people up in arms bitching about the change, luckily for them there is the other 100 million that don’t give a fuck and will still be there for the 2 hours the first million avoid the site in protest. I say 2 hours because they always come back 2 hours later after “quitting for lyfe y0” because they need Facebook now.

  2. Andy D

    Wow, what a stupid article.

    OK, first, you claim facebook will suffer a mass exodus, but those 4 groups you point out only have a total of 2000 people combined. And with facebook user’s histories of claiming things like they’ll leave and not doing it (which has happened many times, including the whole thing with the news feed, and then the tracking thing, etc), I’d say that argument is pretty much moot.

    The other thing is, you are comparing Facebook to Greenpeace? Are you kidding? Facebook is just as much of an “evil corporation” as the rest of them. The amount of advertising, spying, and selling of information on that site is horrendous. To claim they are a good guy is simply bonkers. And Facebook users couldn’t give half a shit about who owns them or what their “rules” are. They just want to poke their virtual friends and posting more pictures of them at parties.

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