Facebook has brought out a brilliant new addition to status updates that was desperately needed. Prepare for your news feed to be flooded with emoticons and more than likely irrelevant adjectives.

Without being too cynical, I’d like to bring to the forefront that MySpace had this feature back in the day, and if I remember correctly, there were a lot more emotions too choose from. In fairness, I think there are too many choices as there is. Please someone explain the definition of feeling “meh”.

For a business, this feature is almost useless, however there are some parts of the update which can greatly benefit a Facebook page. If you are tuning in to the latest episode of, for arguments sake, the walking dead. You feel like telling all of your friends about what your doing. You can update your status to say your doing this, but what Facebook will do is link the page for the walking dead into your post

The poster may not have realized that the walking dead had a Facebook page and then decides to go and like the page because they are already a die hard fan (That’s another fan to your page just for doing what you’re doing). All of the users friends have now been told about what there watching and they have also been provided a link to the page. Now whether the viewer of this post is already a fan or has nether heard of it before, they have all the information they need to decide whether they like it or not.

Granted this feature is only useful to those who offer a product that they can: watch, read, listen to, eat or drink. For the average service based business and also a lot of ecommerce businesses, this feature is not going to make a difference to them whatsoever, but for those who it is applicable to, I believe a lot more social media attention is headed their way.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of businesses aren’t going to find this useful, but I think a time could come in which the list of verbs increases and thus, more opportunities to increase exposure for a brands social media campaign.

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