Facebook is constantly changing and at times, it is difficult to keep up, but at a closer glance, many of the changes might actually be helpful to your business. One such alteration, noticed only recently, was done very quietly by Facebook to the Business pages. Most of us have used or heard of Facebook Business pages and Community pages, but did you know they can be combined? That is right! Facebook users who have a Business page can now add their page to Community pages.

Before getting into details about this change, first, we must understand the difference between the two pages in order to recognize how this recent change can help your business.

Understanding the Difference: Official Facebook Business Pages vs. Community Pages

Facebook Business Pages:

Business Pages are similar to user profiles in allowing companies to connect with others on Facebook. These pages are created and managed by businesses who want an online presence and to engage with customers. In doing this, businesses’ presence and voice is amplified by having the ability to be seen by others via customers’ “Facebook friends” or potential customers.

If interested in creating an Official Business Page, visit, Create a Page on Facebook.


Facebook Community Pages:

Community Pages are some-what like Business Pages, however, they are owned collectively by the community and are dedicated to a specific topic or experience. Similar to the Pages for Business, Facebook users are able to connect with others through related topics.

Community pages are created by interests shared on user profiles. If an interest is added and a community page does not already exist for that interest, Facebook creates one so that other users are able to connect to it as well. For example, The Community page, “Social Media” was created by Facebook from its users who had shared their interest in the topic of Social Media.

Unlike Business pages, Community pages are not run by one single author or authors so they cannot be edited by a particular user. Articles posted on the Community pages come from Wikipedia, as well as, related posts by other Facebook users in real time and now you can add your Facebook Business page to the list.

The Change: How To Add Your Facebook Business Page To Community Pages

As stated earlier in this post, Facebook has made a change which allows those with a Business page to add their page to Community pages and here is how to do it.

After logging into Facebook, go to a business page you have created or are an administrator of and click on “Edit Page” located in the top right-hand corner. In doing this, you should now have access to your pages’ settings, etc.

Now, click on “Basic Information” displayed in the list on the left-hand side of your Facebook page. Here, the first thing you should see are drop down boxes titled, “Category” and just below that, is the recent addition, (and what we will be focusing on) which is, a box called, “Community Pages.”

Within in the box beside the title, “Community Pages,” is where you enter in the topic in which your page is about. (So, if you are Social Media specific, than type in “Social Media”) A drop down may appear depending on the interest in which you have entered. If it does appear, than a community page has already been created for that topic of interest and it is best to choose one from the list that is most relevant to your page.

Some page owners may have the option to also add “sub-categories” while others may not. This all depends on which “Category” you have placed the page under, which can be changed by choosing a different category from the drop down list (located above “Community Pages”). However, make sure that if you do change the category of your business page that it best suits what your page is about.

In addition, some page owners may be able to add up to three “Place Sub-Categories” to their Business page; however, this is only viewable to “Local Business and Places” Category.

Once you have chosen the “Community Page” for your Business page, you should now see a link under the page title on your Facebook Page. This link, if clicked, will take you and your Business page visitors to the Community Page you have chosen. However, your “Places Sub-Categories” will not be visible if you have the option.

Since Facebook has collaborated with Microsoft Bing, in certain categories, you will be able to enter your address in fields, creating a Bing Map – which will now be available on your business page and possibly increase your search results within Facebook and on Bing.

How Connecting Your Facebook Business Page To a Community Page Will Help Your Business


What you post on your Business page will now automatically post on the Community Page you have chosen. This helps your business reach more people and potential customers as your business will now be viewable by those who have “liked” the interest or “Community Page,” but may not have “liked” your Business page, furthering your branding and marketing abilities on Facebook. This will help in having others find your business more easily within the Facebook Search Box.

Spreading the word about your business is also made easier with Community pages. When choosing a Community page for your Business page, users can see your content based on a common interest. Some users may not have heard of your business so why would they search for it? However, if your business is under a Community page or interest that users have in common with your Business, they are more likely to want to connect with you. Furthermore, when a person chooses an “Interest” within their profile under “Activities and Interests” it will appear on their profile under “Info” > “Interests”. This will further your business’s reach on Facebook since people share common interests and once they click on the interest that their friend has chosen, there is a higher chance that they will “like” the “Community Page” as well, having your content shared with them and increasing possible interactions and engagement.

Community pages can also help bring more traffic to your website or blog. Since when posting your own content on your Business page will also show on the Community page, increasing the chances of having more people click on a link that you have included in a post. It will also increase the probability that others will share your posts, links, etc. with their Facebook friends, which makes the opportunity of acquiring more traffic even greater.

As you can see, there are many great reasons as to why adding a Facebook Community page to a Business page will help a business grow their online presence, as well as, connect with new and existing customers. After all, communities are what sustain a business and this recent change to Facebook will help companies in continuing to grow their community and inevitably, their business.


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