Facebook Business

Don’t get me wrong: Facebook, as well as other social media sites, do wonders for any business wanting to gain a strong web presence. The site gives your brand loyalists somewhere to go and to feel as though they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  it also allows you to reach additional audiences that a traditional marketing campaign would normally not allow you to do.

However, Facebook is making it a nightmare to control your business’s online reputation. The attempt to streamline the service and collect data more easily from users has created a difficult situation for businesses online as Facebook has removed some of the prominent features that were once beneficial. Other detrimental changes include:

iPhone/ iPad App FAIL

One of the biggest perks to owning an iPhone or iPad is the continuous connectivity. You are able to check out your business’ website, skim through bank accounts, and check up on orders without having to hover over your computer. Unfortunately for businesses using Facebook, which all of you should be, you can’t manage your account through your phone or tablet.

What this means is that if a social media PR fail occurs, you better get to a computer fast so that you can get it under control quickly because your phone or tablet isn’t going to be able to help you.

Removal of Discussion Tab

Did you use the Discussion board on Facebook as a form of customer service? Did it help you manage relations with customers? Well, you can kiss the Discussion tab good-bye because Facebook has removed it, thus taking one of the easiest and most manageable communication tools between businesses and customers.

Have fun trying to create great customer conversations without your business wall become a nightmare. You’ll be better off creating forum on your own website or sending out online surveys to get adequate feedback.

Frictionless Sharing

For businesses, a social media disaster can quickly ruin a brand, and now with frictionless sharing, it can be done in a heartbeat. Frictionless sharing essentially makes it impossible for businesses to quickly cover up a poor Facebook Post. Before you can even think about what you just posted, it has already be sent out to several other platforms – making any social media PR fail a potentially fatal one. Businesses have to be wiser than ever about what they put on the web and how they regulate what others say about their business, because once it is one Facebook it is now nearly impossible to move.

So what to do? Businesses and others looking to find online success can’t simply avoid using Facebook and other social media sites. That would be suicide. What businesses using social media sites and other internet platforms need to do is perform adequate online reputation management on a day-to-day basis, and also strive to provide more mobile-friendly websites and personal discussion forums so that their brands can still be interacted with.

Facebook may be failing businesses, but that doesn’t mean businesses should give up all hope. What they need to do instead is create a social scene on their own websites compensating for Facebook’s shortcomings.

Written by Guest Post