Facebook Adds “Where You Live” To Profiles

Facebook profiles has always had in the “About” section the ability to add your hometown. Many add this to show their pride in where they grew up and since it wasn’t specific as to their location, many have felt comfortable with adding this information. But would you add the exact city and province/state of your location on Facebook?

We have definitely evolved to feeling more secure when using the Internet, providing more personal data now more than ever before. Although we are still cautious, gone are the days when we lied about our A/S/L and hid behind nothing but avatars. We are more like an open book, especially on Facebook.

Location-based or geo-tagging services and features automatically can inform people of our current destination, whether we are hanging out at the mall to catching up over dinner with friends and sites like Foursquare have encouraged us to gain deals and rewards. There is nothing wrong with sharing our location, especially since majority of check-in’s are temporary, but do you feel comfortable sharing your residing location? Some may think it is no big deal to add your town/city along with your Province/State and perhaps there isn’t, targeted advertising for local businesses would be a plus for both parties; the consumer and business owner.

Having people find you on Facebook more easily since there are many people with similar names, so it is easier to find them by location. Sharing where you live seem to have some positives here and this is most likely Facebook’s goal, besides of course gaining more information about you, but most seem to be okay with that, after all the service is free.

There is nothing wrong with sharing your location but keep in mind that we are connecting more on Facebook that are not direct friends or family members and even though we try hard to set our privacy settings to keep us safe, our activities show up on friends newsfeeds allowing people they are connected with to be able to see.


I am all for being transparent and connecting, just as long as we often have a friendly reminder that the Internet is becoming more real and less of a form of escapism. Danger is everywhere, online too and just because it is added to a social site doesn’t mean you have to fill it out, unless you feel completely comfortable, more than obligated.

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Written by Erin Ryan
+Erin Ryan is a writer for various Social Media & Tech blogs and currently works as the Director of Social Media for the Internet Marketing Company, Wikimotive. Erin has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date. Creator and head editor of Socialeyezer She enjoys finding the latest in social media, tech and geek culture. Erin often expresses her thoughts and opinions on TheErinRyan. Connect through Erin Ryan's About.me Profile