8 Years of Facebook Has Our Heads Spinning

Facebook 8 Years

Facebook celebrated its 8th birthday this month. How much has it changed? How much has it changed us? Are we all a little more batty now that Facebook has become a prominent part of so many of our lives, giving us insights into friends and family that we never had before and offering a venue through which we can exclaim the nuances of our lives for the world (or simply our world) to see?

This fun and somewhat creepy video by Daniel Koren, a NY based musician, touches a little too close to the truth for most to bear. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

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  1. It’s very interesting to see how far Facebook really has come. To the use of business pages to personal rants, Facebook has become an outlet for everyone on the Internet. The layout itself has been altered a lot, especially in the last few months, which has been a controversial topic among a lot of users. Thanks for the neat video!

  2. Dan Marshall

    It is amazing how many uses there are for Facebook. Even for businesses, it’s so easy for you to spread the word about your company/organization. I believe that using all the social networking tools we now have available is such a huge, free help for small businesses as well. A great tool that I’ve seen for this is Listrocket.com. They are able to send info to all social networking sites and track how the information is viewed, used – a great business tool. Worth taking a look at.

  3. The interesting thing here is how much YouTube has allowed people to demonstrate a really high level of creativity, ingenuity and passion. Facebook is good for socialising but for a real good time I watch the amazing talent on Youtube. It’s where you get the X+ factor.

  4. It is crazy to see how far Facebook has come and how fast it has grown! Could you imagine if it was still only available to college students? I think they made a pretty good decision by opening it up to the world…

  5. i dont know how much Facebook has changed but surely it has changes us a loooooooot…..

  6. Google+ seemed to fail to gain the following not only because it offered a lot of complex features, but it didn’t create any common ground for users to share on the site. Pinterest not only has a more dynamic look to its pages, but it also creates topics that offer users common ground to begin interacting. This may explain its strong growth early on and may even give it the legs it needs to compete for users with giants like Facebook and Twitter. I will watch its development with great interest.

  7. The evolution of Facebook is both fascinating and creepy to the point that a lot of people take info from Facebook more seriously than the actual event from the alive, tangible person. I think that Facebook will last more and evolve more in the coming years the way they’re trying to innovate nowadays.