The Current Stats on Facebook will Boggle the Mind

Mark Zuckerberg

There are over 100 billion connections between people and businesses on Facebook.

Please re-read the first sentence and let it sink in.

Normally the information we find in infographics, articles, and videos require analysis and digging deeper into them to understand what they really mean and how they can be applied to business and life in general. The stats in the infographic below go beyond the need for analysis.

Facebook is huge. It’s getting huger. The amount of influence the site has over the daily lives of millions is unlikely something that even they understand. Many people make decisions about their activities every day based upon what they see on Facebook or how they perceive they’ll be able to “Facebook” (verb) something on their wall. In most cases, they don’t even notice.

The social network is deeply embedded into the lives of many. Those of us who do not get that deep into Facebook may have a hard time understanding the mentality, but this graphic gives us some insight into why it’s working so well.

Facebook 2012

(Via: Infographics Lab. H/T: Indianapolis Toyota)

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  1. Cameron Roberts

    Wow! This article is fascinating. I am not surprised slightly more women use Facebook. I am suprised that Asia has surpassed the United States for users. The numbers for South America are also much higher than I would have thought. I might start using Facebook for advertising after reading this article. As far as the 2.7 billion likes, that means in less than 3 days more things are liked on Facebook than there are people in the world.!!-Cam