Empire Avenue is the Game of Choice for Social Media Marketing

JD Empire Avenue

Klout is fun. Kred has its benefits. They are enjoyable and offer a lot of information about how active a person or brand is on social media.

Empire Avenue does the same but takes it to another level. It’s actually useful outside of accumulating a score.

For those who are not familiar with the social media game, it can be summed up in a paragraph. Individuals and brands create accounts and put themselves on the open market. Players can buy or sell their “stock” and affect their share price as a result.  “Eaves” are the currency exchanged and they can be spent on other players, upgrades, and the most important aspect of the game: missions.

It’s in the missions that the social media marketing power comes into play. Players are able to assign missions by offering eaves in exchange for social media activities. These activities can range from simple retweets or Facebook likes all the way up to link requests, comments, and sign ups on various websites.

Unlike most services that allow people to trade or purchase (with real money) similar social media tasks, Empire Avenue has the advantage of an audience that is highly connected. A look at the Klout and Kred of the users reveals a stark difference between Empire Avenue and the trade or paid services. These are real people performing real social media activities outside of their own goals.

In other words, it’s not a network of spammy, worthless accounts. Some of the top social media users in the industry dwell on Empire Avenue and create missions to be done. As a result, players can be much more selective than in other similar networks. There’s no need to settle for a spammy retweet of a Forex website. Many of the players such as Zaibatsu, Chris Pirillo, and Louie Baur are known entities in the social media world with true clout (as well as Klout). They post quality missions that keep the need for spamming down to a minimum.

With social signals playing such a major role in both exposure as well as search rankings, marketers need to be on Empire Avenue. It’s a no-brainer.

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  1. Neat summary. And I remember you, JD, being a sceptic in the first place, right ?

  2. I fully agree with you JD Rucker. I have been a member on the Ave. for about 10-months now. Lots of great people from around the world socializing and sharing valuable knowledge and information while building bridges of friendship, respect and having fun doing so.

  3. Hello,
    I thought as was lucky to have met such wonderful people through this game (my first game, and I am not a fan of games) and connected with many on others networks and found some people I feel very close to and care for.
    Then, I realized, I was not alone…EA, apart from being an intelligent game as brought many people together from all areas of life from different parts of the world, creating more profound links between them than I thought possible virtually.
    Thanks for the article!

  4. JD Rucker

    @Andreas – yep, I waited a full year before I finally got into it.
    @Donald – that’s the real juice – the people.
    @Slavica – yep, it’s practically limitless.

  5. Actually, I never really think of Empire Avenue as a game – although it certainly is fun. I find it to be a wonderful mix of opportunities. Through participating in the missions of others I get to see the many and varied things that are people are trying to achieve. Many of these are incredibly philanthropic – such as trying to raise awareness for important social & medical problems or raise funds for children in need. Through Empire Avenue I get to find out about and understand important things that I otherwise would be ignorant about; I get to know – at least virtually – the many inspiring things that others are trying to achieve; I get to help them towards achieving their aims. Sure, we all earn virtual money, and I suppose you could say that building funds is fun and in that sense like a game – but the far more important thing is that people are to use virtual funds to run missions to achieve the things that are important to them – whether it be philanthropic, or trying to raise awareness about their own business. Whatever it is that participants are trying to achieve, I can see that it is certainly important to them, and I get to see a far wider range of personalities and what is important to them than I ever would without this – and as icing on the cake, I get to achieve some things that are important to me that I would find difficult to achieve in other ways.

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  7. I have personally never heard of empire avenue, so I will bookmark and take a close look this evening after work.

  8. I agree whole-heartedly – see my very similar post http://ilovedevelopment.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/empire-avenue-social-media-stock-market.html ;o)

  9. your blog provide real thing related to social media….

  10. I haven’t tried Empire Avenue as well but I would definitely look into more details later. How did you discover this app? How long have you been using it?

  11. Thanks JD.. I had not heard of this site before but I am going to go ahead and pass this article along to others in my company as well as check the site out myself.