Empire Avenue

The world of social media influence has been a growing industry for years. Klout and Kred have emerged as two of the leaders in the segment with Trust Cloud and others making statements about their own growing relevance, but there’s a network (a game, really) that surpasses all of them in usefulness and has carved a unique niche for itself in the social networking universe. If you haven’t been paying attention to Empire Avenue, you probably don’t realize what you’re missing.

Many who have checked it out may have made the mistake of assuming it was just a game. The idea is simple – your social accounts help you to generate a “stock” price and you go on the open market. You can buy and sell shares in other users with “eaves” (currency) that you generate every day based upon your performance, shares sold, and your portfolio that pays you dividends. Each network is given a score that influences both your price and your dividends. All in all, it’s the type of game that you can master in days.

The value that it brings to the table for those who are deeply involved in social media both professionally and personally is miles ahead of the other influence measurement tools. Unlike the others that work based strictly on a combination of your social media activity and the votes that you get from other users, Empire Avenue adds an entire other dimension to the mix. As a game, this dimension makes it fun. As a social media tool, it’s unmatched.


Benefit 1: Strong Networking

Empire Avenue Brands

Every network has spammers. It’s unavoidable. Once you sift through the spammers on Empire Avenue, you’ll find that the quality of the users is much higher than any of the other influence tools. It’s for this reason that social media rockstars like Chris Pirillo, Reg Saddler, and Jessica Northey use it. It’s the reason that big brands such as AT&T, Dell, and Nokia use it. The regular users of the site are either strong in social media or trying to become strong.

This is a huge benefit for those who are really trying to network and make connections through social media to help their own brand or personal accounts.


Benefit 2: Amazing Analytics

Empire Avenue Analytics

Social influence measurement might be a small portion of what Empire Avenue does, but the evaluation tools and reports they provide are second to none in the industry. They go into detail about several of your social media profiles including some that are simply not considered by other networks. They show you what’s working and what isn’t working and base a portion of your dividends per share on the success you have with your social activities.

If the only goal was to have a tool that could show you your effectiveness in social media, this would be that tool. Fortunately for users, the site does much more than that.


Benefit 3: Direct Interaction with Influencers

Empire Avenue Engagement

You can find people on Klout and the other networks and Tweet at them or add them on Facebook. On Empire Avenue, you can talk to them through the network itself.

Between the chat feature on site, an engagement panel that pulls in the activity from most of the networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, and Instagram, and the ability to post directly on their Empire Avenue profiles, this new dimension of engagement makes it much easier to contact people directly.  They also make it easier than most networks to limit the amount of contact that you receive from other users, though the community is strong enough that this isn’t a necessary privacy option for most.


Benefit 4: Getting Influencers to Engage with Your Content

Empire Avenue Missions

If there was only one indisputable advantage of Empire Avenue over the other influence networks, it’s the missions. Through missions, users are able to point a major spotlight on their content, profiles, and websites in ways that no other network has ever achieved. The quality level is extremely high; those who have ever paid for retweets or Facebook likes know that the quality level of the people doing these actions are below the level of spammer. They’re often completely fake accounts that bring zero value.

Empire Avenue missions are different. The users performing the missions aren’t making pennies the way that social media purchasing services work. On the contrary, EA missions bring some of the highest quality engagement possible on social media. The users are invested into the game and the community. They are selective with their accounts and will often avoid missions that ask for spam. As a result, high-quality content and accounts get the benefits of true influencer engagement. Those who try to get spam shared fail miserably. Those who post quality content or have excellent social profiles are able to benefit tremendously.

* * *

Empire Avenue is an investment of time. It’s not something that can be overrun by spammers as they will not be able to benefit from it. Instead, those who are truly involved with social media on a professional or personal level are able to participate in a tight community that enhances its users based upon the quality of the users themselves. If you take your social media seriously and want to have fun doing it, Empire Avenue is worth the time. Keep in mind, this glowing review comes strictly as a user. Empire Avenue has neither asked for or is even aware of this article being written. I’m doing it because I believe in the network. It’s helped me grow tremendously in social media over the past few months and I feel it’s time to “let the cat out of the bag” about this wonderful tool.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.