Empire Avenue Profiles

As I begin the transition of Soshable from a blog into an actual social media business, the first roadblock that came up was about posting my personal stories. Soshable has always been a place where I can rant about just about anything and that wouldn’t be appropriate content for a place of business, so I dusted off the old WordPress blog and shot up my first real post there in years.

It’s about Empire Avenue, a social stock market game that has held some of my attention for the last couple of months. For most, it’s simply fun. It’s a way to enjoy the spoils of social media frolicking in an arena that acts like a Wall Street for Facebook, Twitter, and the like. For others, it’s a tool that allows enhancement of one’s social media presence through an excellent “mission” system; players can pay other players to perform social media tasks such as retweet on Twitter or thumb up on YouTube.

For me, the site is first and foremost the best social media profile rating tool available. Check out the post and my “new” blog and let me know what you think.

There’s Klout, Kred, and a dozen other tools out there that help people gain an understanding of where they stand in the social media world. They all use relatively complex algorithms to break down how influential an individual or entity is on Facebook, Twitter, and many of the other social networks. They assign scores, give kudos, have badges, and often offer rewards with those who are “good” at social media.

Read the whole story on my new blog.

Written by JD Rucker
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