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There is a huge effect of Facebook Timeline on brand pages as it opens a number of opportunities for those business entities who wants to market and build their brand online through the best social networking site. A successful fan page is one that allows the business to reach potential clients, connect with honest customers, and build an image of loyalty in their market of existence.

For getting these benefits, you must have to make use of Facebook timeline for the best advantage of your business. Its effect can be very fascinating as it is capable of attracting several customers with an ease. Thus, you have to use this element for the purpose of building good brand image of your business through the brand page.

Facebook timeline is now recognized as the newest way of viewing profile of an entity. It has the potential to generate different kind of reactions for the users of FB. There are some people who do not like this page, but, its liking is very high, and a number of people want to try this new timeline option. You can make use of new setting of your profile for the ultimate purpose of telling about your own brand to the world. You can have a start by just activating the setting of timeline in your profile. However, the page does not go live instantly. Facebook will provide some time to familiarize with the page, and know the numerous features of it. At that time, your fans and friends will see the old profile. They are able to see the new profile after the timeline page is published by you. You can make use of Facebook timeline for the best advantage of your business.

·         Update cover photo that attracts the potential customers: Cover photo is a new feature of timeline page in FB. This is an image that is visible on the top of the Facebook timeline page. This could be the best representation of your business with the help of fascinating photo. This could a symbol of your business to your fans and friends. This is a source that will allow customers to remember your business or portraits the profile of the business. However, you must be sure to put the photo that attract potential customers and make a unique mark for your business.

·         Best information of the brand: You will find a section in timeline profile in which you can provide general information about the company, address, name, and other details. You must fill all the information that is necessary. You can also add some catchy statements that can attract customers ultimately improving your brand image.

·         Use of numerous applications: After filling necessary information about the company; you can make use of applications for the best advantage of your business. You have the choice of selecting applications that you want to display on your page. You can customize those applications that are useful as advantage to your business. These applications could play a significant role in improving brand image through your brand page.

Summary: Facebook Timeline is very useful in brand pages of the companies as they are helpful in building brand image of the company. Using it wisely can be a very helpful activity to improve the brand image of the company.

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